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5 Cool Content Curation Tools for Social Marketers

5 Cool Content Curation Tools for Social Marketers

In the age of Information, the ability to “curate,” or gather and arrange content, becomes one of the most important skills you can have. After all, the information is out there for everyone to see. What makes you stand out from the crowd is how you locate and present it. This process can be a grueling one if you go at it alone. That’s why the smart content curator will find tools to make their job easier in siphoning the best material off the top of the web, and presenting it in the purest and most palatable of forms.

Here are five such tools that will allow savvy social marketers to make it happen.


The service allows you to search through a series of niche magazines on the web. Here’s how it works — you select a topic you want to follow, and from there, you start gathering a collection of articles, media, and other content to streamline to your account. Your collection may end up consisting of everything from blog posts and Twitter content to engaging videos.

What I really like about is how it lets you view the collections gathered by other people who share an interest in your topic. This allows you to quickly find the relevant content you need, essentially making your role as curator much easier.

Pinterest2. Pinterest

Pinterest is not only one of the leading social networks, it is one of the best tools around for image curators. For those who don’t know, this site allows you to “pin” interesting images you find on the web to random boards, or boards that carry a specific theme. The boards you create can be great fuel for your curation projects, especially if they appeal to a broad audience. Though it takes a different approach, Pinterest leverages the social component quite well, so people can follow you, and even share your content with others.

3. Zemanta

Zemanta is a plugin for Wordpress  that makes it much easier to find related posts and images based on what you’re currently blogging about in Wordpress. This particular tool lets you add image suggestions that appear in the sidebar with just one click. It even adds the attribution for you. Any curator who has spent 10 minutes trying to hunt down attribution credentials knows just how useful this is. These features can potentially save you loads of time you might have otherwise spent scouring the web for interesting content fit for your curation needs.

Additionally, if you link to another blog, Zemanta will recommend your posts in the sidebars of other subscribers. Not only does this make it easier for curators to find posts they can link to in order to make their own content more relevant, it also provides the opportunity for more links and exposure for the original poster. Zemanta is a very useful tool for social marketers who realize the value of content in the blogosphere.  

4. Storify

Storify focuses on longer, more detailed social curation. The site allows you to search through a large number of outside sources to find the content you want to share. It measures resonance for each individual piece of content, making it easier to identify the material with the most value. This tool is particularly handy for social marketers who want to be sure they are giving their target audience the most relevant blog posts, images, videos, and memes.

Another cool thing about Storify is the effort it makes to help your content create a viral impact. One of the unique ways it does this is by allowing you to easily get in touch with the people involved in your story. This admirable gesture can help you recruit a following of engaged evangelists who are motivated to spread the word.   

5. List.LY                

Hence the name, List.LY is a tool built entirely around lists. You can use this site to create a list on just about anything — individuals, images, websites, and much more. These lists can be integrated into your blog posts, which is great for driving traffic and engagement. List.LY also has a “Trending Lists” section on the front page that showcases the most popular lists across the network. This site has a lively community, so getting your list featured here could mean good things in terms of exposure.

Content curation is a process, but it doesn’t have to be a grueling experience. Strap up with tools such as these, and you will learn what a smooth ride it can be.

Image courtesy of Thomas Forsyth, Flickr.

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  • airrmedia's picture
    Nov 4 Posted 3 years ago airrmedia

    I live off of for finding great content for my blog. I also use zemanta all the time to find pictures, tags, and related articles. I find zemanta as the most useful for me when I do blogging. One of the most invaluable tools for wordpress users like me.

  • Cara Tarbaj's picture
    Jun 18 Posted 3 years ago Cara Tarbaj

    Thanks for the article, Mike. I learned a few things!

    I cannot properly relay all of the advantages that Pinterest can bring to retailers. The link back to the website should be good enough reason to have a Pinterest account! Not that all posts should be products.

    Although it's important to remember that Pinterest users are much more lighthearted about businesses promoting their products than business promoting them on Facebook. When people are scouring Pinterest, they are often looking for a certain product. Your business could be the one to show them what they need. 

    Plus, people prefer to interact with brands on Pinterest than Facebook. Check out [Infographic] How Users Interact on Pinterest for more cool stats.



  • Jun 18 Posted 3 years ago 3D Issue

    Hey Mike

    Thanks for this - just recently started using Zemanta! Have you checked out Pressjack yet? It allows you to create a link to an publication that you have curated from online content, and share this via social networks. There is a search engine within the interface where you search for topics / articles / existing content you have created like blog posts, then once you add each source into the publication, you can edit the publication and customize color etc, and output link to it via social media where it can be viewed on from any device as the curated content which may have originally been static has now been converted into dynamic content to fit any screen dimensions. Like Flipboard it functions as a personalised magazine, except you choose the sources of content and it automatically updates each day so content in links dont go cold. Would love to get your feedback or thoughts on it - feel free to get in touch if you like at & please keep up the good work - I do social at Pressjack, and am a frequent visitor to your blog :)

  • Mike Allton's picture
    Apr 19 Posted 3 years ago Mike Allton

    I will be looking into Zemanta and Keeeb as well.

  • marcthomalla's picture
    Apr 19 Posted 3 years ago marcthomalla

    Hi Steve,

    with you can have as much team pages as you want. No limit. You are able to work (research for example) with teams worldwide within one keeeb page. No limit for any country specs.

    All pages are private at first. If u want please have a look at two short videos:

    Best, Marc

  • Faaastcash's picture
    Apr 18 Posted 3 years ago Faaastcash

    Thanks for such nice tools. I have been using pinterest, but will definetely try my hand on other sites especially All I need to know if these sites are for global scenario or limited to country specific. Kindly suggest.

    Thank you once again.

  • beckytsmp's picture
    Apr 16 Posted 3 years ago beckytsmp

    I'm embarrassed to say that I had not heard of Storify. interesting. Thanks for this quality article.

  • Apr 15 Posted 3 years ago Scott Borgmier

    I am a huge fan of Storify. We utilized it to tell the story from our participant's POV but curated/edited it to be in chronological order as the trip went. The trip was overseas so it was a great way for Family/Friends of the participants to follow along the journey and feel connected.

    Check it out:

  • Apr 15 Posted 3 years ago Zach Y.

    Great article.  Zemanta looks really interesting and I'm surprised I've never heard it before, going to go install it on my WordPress site now!

  • marcthomalla's picture
    Apr 15 Posted 3 years ago marcthomalla

    Hi Mike,

    thanks for your great article. My name is Marc, I am COO at, based in Hamburg, Germany.

    One of our power users just shared your article via twitter and mentioned @keeeb.

    I agree as a "real" content curation tool. About Pinterest: It's more like image than content curation, or do you think different?

    I would be very happy to get your feedback about Keeeb. If you like, send me an e-mail to marc(at)keeeb(dot)com.



  • Apr 15 Posted 3 years ago Peter Newman

    Hi Mike, thanks for the overview. I would also recommend This is a new service I found a couple of weeks ago. Their clipping technology is by far the best I know. It is really simple and fast to curate anything from the web. What do you think about them?


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