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5 Crucial Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook privacy settingsI have been hearing more concerns lately from small business owners new to Facebook about privacy and confusion over what's visible to others. They are often unsure how to balance being found for business purposes with their own comfort levels regarding privacy.  (Facebook Fan Pages offer a great solution to this—but that is for another post.)

Many times users do not realize they have full control over exactly what they share with others, or forget to check or adjust their privacy settings.

The site did a post about this a few months back which was really comprehensive.  In the short tutorial below I walk through a few of the most important settings for business owners and professionals.  Let me know what you think.  (You can open the video in full screen.)

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5 Crucial Facebook Privacy Settings

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  • May 15 Posted 6 years ago ChristineGallagher Fabi--you are very welcome.  I hear you on the sneaky stuff.  Some of what I see is made to really look like it is something "official" to click on.  No wonder people get confused and disillusioned.  Until that Consumer Reports-style blog goes up, we all need to look at anything inviting us to click extra carefully.

    Jo--I like that analogy. :)  I think the key with these setting is to take the time to really understand what each one does.  What is its function and am I comfortable sharing this particular information? For example, I see so many users whose photos are set to be viewable by everyone, even non-friends.  One wonders if they are doing it intentionally or if they are just unaware.

  • May 13 Posted 6 years ago Anonymous (not verified) Christine, Fabi, these privacy settings make me feel a little more human again on Facebook. But they are not easy to get the hang of. I still feel as overwhelmed as I do when I go to the garage mechanic to repair my car.
  • May 13 Posted 6 years ago fabilella Chirstine, thank you so much for your valuable information on the Facebooks privacy settings. They helped me a lot and my family too. I just wish there was a Consumer Reports-style blog to warn people about all the tricks they use to get you to sign up for things. It's worse than what AOL used to do.

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