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5 Essential Rules for Effective Content Marketing

ImageContent marketing is its own kind of beast. Dependent on strong creative writing abilities and a fine knack for business; it is a profession that is fast-paced and in huge demand throughout the globe. Every business depends on content marketers to establish strong marketing campaigns, provide creative insight and help shape a company’s public perception.

But, in order to be effective at content marketing, there are a few essential rules to follow: 

1.    Create Relevant Content that People will Enjoy

At the heart of every content marketer is a person with various interests and passions. Use them to create content that will interest people. Your audience— regardless of their age and demographic will always crave relevant content that inspires, amuses or improves their lives.

Too many content writers focus on marketing a product or service and forget that readers want something that they can identify with enjoy. Without any sort of connection, you’ll never be able to reach your target audience. Readers can literally smell a sell pitch a mile away, so create quality content that is interesting, informative and stands apart from the rest.

2.    Develop an Effective Project Prioritization Method

Content marketing is a dynamic business environment that requires juggling multiple projects. It’s easy to get lost in amid mounting deadlines and reports. Every so often, it’s important to just stop for a moment and evaluate/prioritize different assignments.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to target tasks based on their priority, deadline and time needed for completion. The goal in having a prioritization method is to effectively tackle a number of projects simultaneously with precision. Having an effective strategy will be useful during any time crunch; reducing stress and making assignments more manageable.

 3.    Implement a Cross Media Marketing Strategy

Effective content marketing relies on teamwork; it’s no place for a one-person army.  Like any operational strategy, the main objective must be approached from several different angles. Whether you are working with online, print or email campaigns, your marketing team should (hopefully) be executing a “divide and conquer” approach across the different channels. Regardless, it’s important to meet and discuss goals for each campaign as well as immediate and long-term objectives. 

 4.    Use Social Media to Expand Your Audience Reach

Social media marketing is now a crucial part of most marketing strategies. More than an online trend, social media acts to personalize a business or company (much like creating a face for a brand). The fact that countless people use social media daily (and are even accessing it on mobile devices) makes it an interactive way to build a relationship with consumers.

Each social media platform—whether it’s Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+; each reaches range of potential customers that would otherwise likely stay untapped. There are now a number of metrics and studies to help marketers measure, manage and analyze their social media initiatives across the different platforms. Social media marketing takes time and requires daily updates and posts. If you work at maintaining and building connections, the hard work will eventually payoff.

 5.    Be Able to Adapt Your Creative Mentality

Writer’s block happens to everyone— as do periods of creative burnout. Even the most creative people will eventually fall into a pattern of monotony. Content marketers in particular, have to constantly produce high quality work that is both creative and business-oriented. At some point, it’ll feel as if you’ve hit a brick wall.

To get out of a creative rut, try to switch gears by diversifying your work tasks and personal activities. Try exercising regularly (it will release endorphin levels) and also attempt to improve your diet for better mental and physical wellness. Before the end of the day nears, make an effort to do things you enjoy. You have to mentally clock out of work and have some down time. When at home, try to avoid checking email or work-related texts. All of these combined will help recharge your mental vigor.

As more and more global conglomerates, smaller retailers and every business in between seeks the creative talents of content writers, it’s important to take these rules to heart. These tips will benefit anyone within the industry and encourage a prosperous life-long career that will continue to be in constant demand.

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