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5 Facebook Tips For Your Business


1.  Create A Fan Page

A fan page is like having another web site.  You can add applications, newsletter sign-up pages and events and promote them to your friends on Facebook. When someone becomes a fan of your page, your updates on the page show up on their wall giving additional exposure.   Creating a fan page gives you the opportunity to interact with your clients and customers further and deliver information not posted on your website.Facebook for Small Business


2.  Use the Extras

Facebook has so many different applications to help your social life and business.  You can plan events and have people RSVP you back.  You can upload video, hold contests and polls.  Your Facebook fan page is a great promotion tool for events and your business.


3.  Join Groups That Match Your Business

There are all kinds of different groups to join on Facebook.  Quite a few of them can provide useful information and professional connections.  You can search for groups or look at the groups that your friends are joining and find one that is of interest to you and your business.  Even better, you can create your own group and administrate over it.  By creating a group that matches your business, you can network with like minded individuals, clients, partners and associates.


4.  Get Answers

By asking question you can leverage the intelligence of your Facebook community.  Don’t know the best resource for a particular problem? Maybe your network can provide some insight.   Asking your question on Facebook filters out the general public, and doesn’t leave a trail for Google to follow.


5.  Build a Hub

Your website should be your main social launching platform.  From there you want to link your Facebook fan page and any other social networks that may be benificial to your business.  Place your fan page on your business cards and other print marketing materials.  You have to advertise your page in order to build your following.

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