5 Places Where Laptops are Stolen and Avoiding Social Media Disaster

Posted on January 10th 2013

5 Places Where Laptops are Stolen and  Avoiding Social Media Disaster

According to the McClatchy-Tribune Information Services Company, one out of every ten laptops will be stolen within the first year of ownership. People can get attached to their laptops quickly, and that is why it is a good idea to be aware of the most common places where laptops get stolen and how to prevent yours from disappearing.

College Campuses











One of the reasons college campuses are such hot spots for laptop theft is that laptops are essential tools for every college student. A college campus also tends to be treated like a commune with students leaving books and study materials at library tables as they go off to find a source of caffeine to keep them going. To protect your lightweight Ultrabook, you should keep it on you at all times or have it locked in your dorm room when you do not need it. For any college student, this could mean social outcast if someone logs into your Facebook or Twitter account, since many students have their usernames and passwords saved.











For some reason, people still leave expensive laptops in their vehicles and then do not lock their doors when they go off to run errands. Even if you lock your door, a criminal that wants your laptop bad enough will find a way in if he sees your laptop on the seat. If you must leave your laptop in your vehicle, then hide it from sight or put it in the trunk of your vehicle. 









With WiFi being available in a wide variety of restaurants, more and more people are bringing their laptops to McDonald's or Starbucks while enjoying a snack or meal. The problem is that people are so used to getting up and grabbing a napkin that they forget they have their laptops on their tables. Never let your laptop out of your site when you are in a restaurant, regardless of how comfortable you feel in that establishment.  

Shopping Centers










Some people bring their laptops everywhere, and that includes shopping at the mall or a local department store. All it takes is someone to put their laptop down for just a moment to try on a hat and that computer could be gone. The best advice in this situation is to never bring your laptop to a shopping center. You are better off locking it in the trunk of your car than bringing it into the store or the mall.











It is common for travelers to bring their laptops with them, which is why it is becoming more common for laptops and cell phones to be stolen in airports. Airports are rapidly becoming prime stomping grounds for criminals looking to steal a variety of things, but laptop computers are at the top of every criminals' list. No matter what you are doing or where you go in an airport terminal, always have your devices with you. In addition to 

The biggest problem with having one's laptop stolen, is the fact that most people have their usernames and passwords already saved into their computers. Whether it's to their email account, twitter, calendar, or more, it could easily mean social media disaster if your laptop falls into the wrong hands. Its always best to keep your laptop close to you and never left alone if you plan on bringing it into public. 


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Kent Ong
Posted on January 10th 2013 at 1:14PM

In Malaysia, people smashed cars to steal laptops.