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5 Productivity Tools for the Busy Social Media Manager

In case you are anything like me, it can be very hard to stay productive when all the Social Media buzz increases.

Here are a few tools which help me greatly to focus on my work and optimize the use of all available Social Media channels that I am using.

1.) MindMeister – Put your thoughts on online paper

Meindmeister is a great mindmapping tool, that allows you draw nodes with your thoughts and connect them as they are interlinked with each other. The App boasts a ton of features to support the full creativity of your ideas to be jotted down. This includes a lot of possibilities to format nodes as well as the chance to export your maps and use them on presentations or otherwise.

Best bit: The best feature I found is MindMeister’s collaboration tool, which allows you to co-edit maps and bring the creativity of multiple minds together.




2.) Refynr – Only your best tweets to read

In case you can’t spend the time to scan Twitter for great content all day Refynr might be the perfect solution for you. Create a social savvy filter of keywords you want to have included such as “Social Media”, “Twitter” and “startups” in my case. It now creates a “refyned” news stream for you with only the most relevant tweets.

Best bit: Recently the App integrated with Twitter publishing tool Buffer. This means that besides receiving clutterfree news, you can send them out to Twitter without flooding your followers too.




3.) Triberr – Power up your tweets with your own Tribe

In case you are very determined to get your blog off the ground and want to optimize the reach you are having Triberr might be the right tool for you. It is an exclusively invite-only community of bloggers. They can group in tribes with other bloggers and will be automatically retweeting each other’s posts so your reach is amplified by large.

Best bit: The App recently added a fantastic analytics tool so you can track how often your tweets are being clicked on. It’s a great measurement to test headline writing.





4.)  MarketMeSuite – Your powerful Social Media marketing suite

At first sight MarketMeSuite might appear to be another Twitter client. Yet, after taking a closer look you will see that it is much more than that. It boasts a fantastic list of features making all your happenings on both Facebook and Twitter super easy to handle. In addition it gives you a whole section to set up marketing campaigns right inside the Suite. They include RSS feed management, reply campaigns, keyword tracking and more.

Best bit: Recently MarketMeSuite integrated with Klout to know even more about the Twitter users you are conversing with.



5.) Tungle – Set up your meetings without hassles

As the last tool to introduce I want to highlight Tungle. There is nothing more painful than sending multiple emails back and forth to set up a meeting or skype call. Enter Tungle to take away all the work from you. You simply set up your personal calendar and send it out via your personal tungle.me page. This means others can easily find the free spots in your calendar and set themselves up. No troubles for you.

Best bit: Tungle lets you embed a Tungle box seamlessly on your website too, so others can set up their meetings even faster.


These are 5 of my favourite productivity Apps, which save me a ton of time each day. Do you think they can be helpful for you too? I would love your thoughts on them below.

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  • May 30 Posted 6 years ago Alex Chang (not verified)

    Leo - great list!  I'd love it if you'd take a look at http://www.roost.com.  We built Roost to be all about productivity.  It's a great free marketing tool for Small Businesses and busy professionals to manage their Facebook and Twitter marketing.  Unique in that it includes a content library and is totally oriented around time management/productivity.  I'd love to give you a live tour if you're interested.  I think your readers might enjoy it.

    Alex Chang, CEO Roost.com

  • May 29 Posted 6 years ago Aaron Eden (not verified)

    Here I am again Leo, thanking you for a great article! From Social media examiner to social media today, you never fail to impress me with your knowledge and expertise in the field of social media! Keep it up and looking forward to more. 

  • May 29 Posted 6 years ago Aaron Eden (not verified)

    Here I am again Leo, thanking you for a great article! From Social media examiner to social media today, you never fail to impress me with your knowledge and expertise in the field of social media! Keep it up and looking forward to more. 

  • Leo Widrich's picture
    May 26 Posted 6 years ago Leo Widrich



    Thanks for your comment. Fantastic, glad you like Summify too, I have already written a post about them after Daniel mentioned it. Me too, I think they are great: http://blog.bufferapp.com/5-twitter-powered-news-apps-to-reduce-clutter

    Oh right, never heard about Twylah, will definitely go and take a look, thanks for the heads up. It is great what fantastic Apps are coming up there! :) 

  • May 26 Posted 6 years ago Erik Deckers (not verified)

    Let me echo the sentiments about Twylah. I was one of the early beta testers and have been pleased with everything they're doing and preparing to do.

  • Ileane Smith's picture
    May 25 Posted 6 years ago Ileane Smith

    Hi Leo, these are some great apps that I need to check out. I was going to mention Summify, which I see that Daniel mentioned already. I like getting the Summify alerts in my email, makes it easier for me to keep track of them. 

    Have you checked out Twylah yet? That's another great service that I'm sure you'll like. Let me know http://www.twylah.com/

    Thanks Leo, have a great day!


  • Leo Widrich's picture
    May 24 Posted 6 years ago Leo Widrich

    Daniel, thanks so much for your fantastic comment.


    Wow, I will check out Summify right after this and look into it! Sounds great. 


    Absolutely, I believe MindMeister is a great tool to get your thoughts ordered, I have only started to use it recently and it works amazingly well. 


    Glad Buffer is of such use for you with link shortening and the browser button too! 

  • May 24 Posted 6 years ago Gareth Jones (not verified)

    Try iMindMap, developed with Tony Buzan the instigator of Mind Mapping, I find it brilliant and the latest version has an online option too http://www.thinkbuzan.com

  • May 24 Posted 6 years ago Daniel T. (not verified)

    Thanks for the tips Leo! I hadn't heard of MindMeister, but it sounds like a great tool to have for organizing content ideas, especially from a blogging perspective.

    I've stopped by Tribrr briefly before but it didn't really grab my attention. Maybe I'll give it another shot and see how it works for me.

    The other tools that I use that I think are helfpul are Summify, Diigo, and of course Buffer.

    Summify seems similar to Refynr, providing you with a digest of the best stories/articles of the day. I use Diigo to bookmark, highlight, and tag, interesting and helpful posts I find online so that I can reference them later. And while I'm not using buffer for my personal account yet, it's the only thing I use for the work account I manage. The add to buffer browser button + the automatic link shortening had made my job a lot easier!


  • Syed Noman Ali's picture
    May 24 Posted 6 years ago Clark

    Well Known tools, but one of the best part of this post is to share the knowledge thanks man.


    Clark Davidson


    Expertise: Facebook Developer

  • May 24 Posted 6 years ago webmiep

    Social DNAThese are all great tools. I will share this page in a minute using Kooiii's social DNA feature which is the free tool I would like to add to this topic.

    I am also a member of many social sites. I only work a few actively in person at the time. Once I have established an online precence i put it in maintenance mode and move to the next.

    Social DNA at Kooiii Social allows me to share all my content (and content of others I like) simultanously with multiple major networks with one click of my mouse. This with an introduction text i can vary every time, and a picture. All content published on Kooiii is added to kooiii rss feeds and will also be indexed in minutes in kooiii search. In fact it is social marketing on steroids. This tools is free to use for all Kooiii members and Kooiii is free also. It is an online feature so no need to download anything.

    This was about social dna in a nut shel. More in depth information about Social DNA and how it can help build your online precense and your business can be found in these articles:




  • May 24 Posted 6 years ago Tammy Kahn Fennell (not verified)

    Hi Tom,

    We've gone back and forth about a free trial. We are considering, but here's the reasoning:


    Would love to hear your thoughts!

    ~Tammy, CEO @MarketMeSuite

  • May 23 Posted 6 years ago @intrinsicdealer (not verified)

    Thanks for these great recommendations!  I'm always looking for ways to make communicating on my social platfrom easier.  Here's a solution I discovered that you and your readers may find helpful as well - http://www.sparqcode.com/sparq.me 

    Jesse Chor and his team at SparqCode have created "Personal Branding Mobile Websites" using QR codes.  Their vision for SparqMe is to move your personal brand identity to the mobile cloud and transform it into the ultimate lead generation platform.

    Gone are the days of having to create multiple links to drive traffic to your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Website and map to your business.  One simple scan and all my personal brand information is at your finger tips!  I am loving this solution!

    Follow Me - Like Me - Friend Me - Join Me - Watch Me - SparqMe!  Truly innovative...

  • May 23 Posted 6 years ago Tom Elks (not verified)

    Isn't HootSuite superior to MarketMeSuite? It also offers a free version which MarketMeSuite does not.

  • May 23 Posted 6 years ago Aaron Longnion (not verified)

    Would love to get your feedback on Refynr... thank you for the interest!

  • May 23 Posted 6 years ago Anita Hovey (not verified)

    Interesting list. I still prefer Hootsuite for my dashboard. Love Buffer, but haven't tried the others you've listed...will have to check them out. I'm especially interested in MindMeister as I still haven't found the right mindmapping program.

    Anita www.twirp.ca

  • Leo Widrich's picture
    May 23 Posted 6 years ago Leo Widrich

    Hi Tammy,


    You are most welcome. Since I finally got around to play with MarketMeSuite I am very happy to being able to put it on the list. 


  • Leo Widrich's picture
    May 23 Posted 6 years ago Leo Widrich

    Hi Prasant, it is great to see you here! :)


    Absolutely, those tools are very much recommended. Yep, just like you say Refynr's extended functionality so that you can also Buffer tweets makes it even more useful. 


    No worries, glad you could make good use of them! :) 

  • Leo Widrich's picture
    May 23 Posted 6 years ago Leo Widrich

    Hi Tamara, thanks for stopping by!


    Glad you found the post useful. Definitely go ahead and give MindMeister and Refynr a go, I am sure you will find it helpful :) 

  • Leo Widrich's picture
    May 23 Posted 6 years ago Leo Widrich

    No worries Aaron, 


    I believe Refynr really saves a lot of time, so well deserved to be on that list here! :) 

  • Leo Widrich's picture
    May 23 Posted 6 years ago Leo Widrich

    Craig, thanks a lot for stopping by. 


    You are absolutely right! It doesn't have to be just one application, but rather a good and efficient combination of a few of them. :) 

  • May 23 Posted 6 years ago Craig Kelley (not verified)

    Thanks for sharing Leo!  I think your post is valuable in that not ONE application covers everything you need to make the best use of your time.


  • May 23 Posted 6 years ago Aaron Longnion (not verified)

    Thanks so much for including my app/service, Leo!

    It's still BETA, so could use improvements. I'm a big believer in engaging my users to figure out how to improve it. So, contact me in whatever way you want and we'll discuss your feedback...

    Thank you!

    Aaron Longnion

    Founder & CTO of Refynr

  • May 23 Posted 6 years ago Tamara@Adaptive (not verified)

    Thanks for the post, these all sound super helpful. I am especially interested in testing out MindMeister and Refynr.

  • May 23 Posted 6 years ago Prasant (not verified)

    Leo Mindmeister, Marketmesuite  sounds cool and really want to check them out. Refynr is also not to be missed since it has been clubbed with buffer and i also want to see how well it's cureating the content. presentl i am using hootsuite but going further i want to make it more sleek :) curating content is what every one is looking today.Triberr has attracted me but i am yet to explore due to it's invite processes but again lot of great apps. i will add buffer to my list as it works when i sleep too. thanks for another few amazing apps :)

  • May 23 Posted 6 years ago Tammy Kahn Fennell (not verified)

    So nice to be included on this list! Thanks Leo!

    If any one has any MarketMeSuite questions let me know (@MarketMeSuite)

    ~Tammy, CEO

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