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5 Quick Tips for Engaging Facebook Fans

ImageWith more than a billion active users, Facebook is a behemoth of a marketing opportunity – and one that a growing number of companies are positioning themselves to take full advantage of. According to a September 2012 study conducted by the social media experts at HubSpot, 42 percent of marketers consider Facebook to be an integral part of their marketing strategy. Though a substantial percentage of businesses now have fan pages, at this point in the game, simply being on Facebook is not enough. For a fan page to be effective as a marketing tool, time must be devoted to cultivating and maintaining an active, engaged fan base. 


1. Be cool.

Facebook is high school and you’re running for election. People who like your brand or business may “like” your fan page, but the personality behind the label is what will drive them to engage. Don’t be afraid to be funny or spunky; fans respond to posts with individuality. If you have a dedicated social media manager, reveal who’s posting: “Dave from Extreme Hockey World” beats “Extreme Hockey World,” any day.

2. Forget the text  go visual.

In June 2012, Social media researcher Dan Zarella analyzed 1.3 million Facebook posts of varying types and the response rate of each. His conclusion? Photos garner more attention and engagement than any other type of media on Facebook. More responses means more exposure, which equates to more opportunities for expanding your follower base.

3. Pad the deck.

Invite friends and business contacts to connect with your fan page by uploading an email contact list and inviting everyone on it to “like” your page. People familiar with you or your business are far more likely to engage with your fan page than those with whom you have had no previous contact. This opportunity is only available to Facebook pages with 4,999 likes or less, so take advantage of it while you can.

4. Make your fans interesting by association.

Everyone wants to be clever and entertaining on Facebook – so give your followers what they want. Post genuinely unique, compelling content that is relevant to your brand or business. Your fans will like it, comment on it, share it – and love you for making them look good. Each time they share your content, their friends will have the opportunity to like your page too.  

5. Don’t be a vacuum salesman.

Use Facebook as a means to build relationships, not hawk your product. If your fans like you, business will follow. Make interaction the goal, and don't underestimate your followers – they like being marketed to about as much as you do. If you're genuine and give with no expectation of getting, your fans will respond.


Image courtesy of Tungphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  • Dec 5 Posted 4 years ago Facebook Fans

    Hey Kristy. I do agree with the fact for a facebook fan page to be effective as a marketing tool, it needs an enough time to be devoted. I really 'liked' your tips on engaging Facebook fans.

  • Nov 30 Posted 4 years ago Barbj

    Oh goodness, I'm not sure what I should do now! We ARE wholesale Vacuum Cleaner Salespeople trying to market to ...... vacuum cleaner salespeople! LOL! :) And this is an argument I have with my boss from time to time - so I printed this out just for him! Too funny!

    Barby Crabb




  • Mindful_MKTG's picture
    Nov 29 Posted 4 years ago Mindful_MKTG

    good info kristy.  for the more savvy marketer, i'd love to see detailed advanced techniques to increase fan base and their engagement.  and when people do engage, what to do to follow up, and how.  there are a lot of social monitoring tools, but a marketer can get innundated evaluating all these options.  

  • Kent Ong's picture
    Nov 27 Posted 4 years ago Kent Ong

    Be funny is very important to engage facebook users.

  • Nov 27 Posted 4 years ago rebarker

    These are great tips! There aren't enough brands who are are taking advantage of the benefits of Facebook. Facebook is a great place for brands to build a community of fans who engage with them and share what they have to say. 

    Rachel Barker. A Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer
    fb: http://www.facebook.com/majesticmedia
    w: http://www.majesticmedia.ca

  • Nov 27 Posted 4 years ago incitrio

    It is important to remember who you are targeting when trying to grow through Faceboook. Take a look at this article on how to effectively market to Facebook users.


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