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5 Reasons Why Visual Content Needs to Be Included In Your Marketing

Visual Content Marketing

Many businesses still feel that marketing needs to be solely about their brand, products, and services. Even with the introduction of social media, companies still have a hard time diversifying the content they share within their social networks. Businesses feel that sharing anything other than what they specifically offer won’t lead to sales, but this way of thinking can actually prevent companies from reaching potential customers and therefore, miss out on potential profits.

There are plenty of reasons why businesses need to incorporate visual content into what they share on various social networks. This does not mean they can’t still post about products and services, it means, that they should put a visual twist on it.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to include visual content into your marketing:

1. Reactions Create Actions - What we see ultimately effects how we feel and act. Pictures tend to produce a reaction, which usually causes an action to be taken. It may seem simple to post a picture of a cute puppy on Facebook, but a potential customer may see it and their reaction is that they too think it is cute and then feel the need to do an action, such as, comment and/or like the puppy photo.

A company’s first thought might be why would we post a picture of a cute puppy when we don’t sell puppies? This is a great question, which leads us to reason number two.

2. Easy Word of Mouth Marketing - Once a potential customer likes, comments, retweets, or reshares, an image you have posted on a social network, it is now going to show up in their newsfeed or stream with your business name or profile avatar and will be seen by that user’s followers and friends. Just imagine if ten or twenty people do a similar action on a photo you post, it will then be seen by ten or twenty people’s friends and followers and so on and so forth. Word of mouth marketing just became simplified.

Therefore, even though your company doesn’t sell puppies, you have found a common interest with those within your online community and have grabbed the attention of many.

3. It Amplifies the Users need to Share - Diversifying your content is important, but it is also extremely important to showcase what your company offers from time to time. When posting about services and products you sell, be sure to include a photo of what you are talking about. It not only catches the eye of users, it amplifies the users need to share the photo than that of just a link.

Here’s a great tip: When wanting to share a link of a product on Facebook, first, upload the photo of the product, then put the little write-up and link to the product in the status box, then hit the post button. This will help catch the eye of those who are on your page and if the photo gets reshared, it has the link attached to it.

4. Capture The Interest of Your Audience - Visual content does not have to stop with just photos, be sure to include informative infographics or videos when posting to Twitter or Facebook. These can easily be found on the web or you can create them yourself. Consumers love infographics filled with cool facts and how-to videos. Also, if you create them yourself, you can include your products and services. Either way, your company will be capturing interest of potential clients.

5. Build A Connection - It is important to remember that feelings associated with a photo on social networks can subconsciously become attached to the brand. Therefore, post light-hearted images, cute and awe inspiring pictures, photos with motivating quotes, and interesting facts. These types of visual content will encourage your community to engage with your brand and entice them to reshare it with their friends and followers.

Choosing photos wisely is important. Stay away from anything that can potentially offend those viewing your posts. Build a connection between your brand and community by remaining positive through the use of visual stimulation and it will leave a positive footprint in the minds of those within your online community and potential buyers.

Businesses no longer need to rely so heavily on product promotions, although it too has its role in marketing, companies can now incorporate visual content in reaching new customers and in retaining the loyal ones. Visual content is the new way of engaging and connecting with consumers that can ultimately generate potential customers and revenue. It’s simple, get people interested in your brand by appealing to them visually.

(photo via: shutterstock)

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