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5 Reasons Why You Need a LinkedIn Account

Linkedin Chocolates

If you are not familiar with LinkedIn, or you don’t know how or why to use it, then this is the post for you. LinkedIn in is the Facebook for business and business people.  LinkedIn allows you to connect with your work friends, old colleagues and you can see where they work and where they have been.
LinkedIn is your online Resume or C.V which showcases your abilities and recommendations.

You can connect with your old uni friends and find out where they have worked and where they are now. This can be a great tool if you are a sales person and want to approach a company but don’t know where to start. You would be surprised how many people are connected, currently 20 million people are on LinkedIn and one person signs up every second, and how many people know each other.


You probably know the phrase “6 degrees of separation” and with power of the internet and more and more people connecting this rapidly becomes a lot smaller. Therefore a great reasons to get your resume up and running online so you can connect with long lost (work) friends and continue to expand your network with your current workmates.

Therefore I’m giving you the top 5 reasons why you need a LinkedIn account:

  1. Expand your network significantly and create more work opportunities by joining groups and discussions on various topics that you are interested in.
  2. Showcase your work experience, but more important, your work achievements and recommendations from your work colleagues and clients.
  3. Let other companies headhunt, and contact you, faster and more accurately.
  4. Find out where your friends work or who works at a better company and get directly introduced by one of your network contact.
  5. Keeping up with the new options that are being added on a regular basis. Sync it with TripIt, PowerPoint’s, Amazon, twitter or your personal blog.

There you have it, the top reasons for you to sign up or if you have an account, so spruce up your account and make sure you are up to scratch. This will open more doors and connect you with others who have similar or exact interests.

Doing business and finding more business opportunities has never been this easy.

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  • Aug 10 Posted 4 years ago Pargash Giorgi

    Seems like a reall cool way to connect with new like-minded people and re-connect with old ones, and collaborate with ease

  • Jan 3 Posted 6 years ago BasBosman (not verified)

    Dear Ralph and critics,

    Good story. Like all issues it's not just a black-and-white story. There's - like always - room for comments, pro's and cons.

    However the biggest pro about LinkedIn that's it's based on the new thinking of using your network. It's not about your own network, but about your networks network. If you want an example of 'the snowball effect' here you have one. Some years ago you had a straight line to get from A via B to C. Nowadays it's more like a triangle where your contact B brings you directly to C. Facebook, Twitter are based on the same trick.

    I'm from Holland and here LinkedIn is very succesfull. Holland may be a small country, but in the world of internet we are a big player. LinkedIn in Holland is very well used in business. For all kinds of reasons. Networking and to qualify yourself on the web. I myself gain a lot of useful contacts - also 'big' names - via LinkedIn and indeed people check my account before doing business with me.

    As always it's you to you how you manage this tool. But for sure, using it won't bring you any harm.

    Greetings from Holland.


  • AnnMarievandenHurk's picture
    Jan 2 Posted 6 years ago AnnMarievandenHurk Everyone needs some online presence especially if you are in business. It is best to be found quickly on a site like LinkedIn where you control the information then some random search result. I advise folks that LinkedIn is a good starting point for getting online when they don't have a website or blog or are not ready to make that invest yet. It is simple to use and yields results.
  • Dec 31 Posted 6 years ago Marc Poulin (not verified)


    You mention that currently 20 million people are on LinkedIn. The count is closer to 80 millions.

    Personally, I use LinkedIn as my address book. It saves me the trouble of maintaining it.

    Happy new year,

  • Dec 30 Posted 6 years ago Ralph Kooi (not verified)

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for your feedback, just some of my thoughts on your comments.

    1) Having just a few connections might encourage  you to nurture those if you (later on) can benefit.
    Value only is added when you or the other person sees a value. This might not always be visible from the start. 

    2) I agree, you need to look after your account, but having one is the first step. Friends, co-workers will find you and and you get added to different networks where you will be re-introduced to the service. In this case LinkedIn. 

    3) I disagree, you don't need to be job hunting to change jobs. I've had people approaching me for a new role just I've been recommended by a friend and my LinkedIn profile provided (on their end) a quick check if I was qualified for that role. 

    If you find similar businesses, you have direct access to your competition which you can use in your advantage. 
    Also you know where your high competition area is, therefor look for something else. Find a niche market or just a different audience where there is less competition. Do you as a business go where everyone else (your competition) is, or do you create your own market?

    4) You can create a rule in your inbox for LinkedIn if you want to separate this from your normal email and just browse this once a week and respond if you feel this is necessary. SPAM can be changed, ruled out and altered within your inbox and with a few clicks of a button. 

    5) Why don't use new options? CD's are better than cassette tapes right? 
    New options will provide better matching criteria and better understanding for point 3. 

  • ArvindJuneja's picture
    Dec 30 Posted 6 years ago ArvindJuneja

    1. Expanding your network NOW when you don't need it gives you possibilities you could use in the future.

    2. True, although you can leave information in your profile that if someone wants to contact you he/she should use your e-mail address. Having that you would only have to login to update professional info.

    3. Check 1.

    4. It's up to you which groups will u choose and join.

    5. Yeah I do. Is that bad? :)

  • Dec 30 Posted 6 years ago RobertBacal

    Five Reasons Not To Have A LinkedIn Account

    1) Expanding your network has no value unless you are in need of an expanded network that is based on superficial connections. Superficial connections are worth very little.

    2) If you have a LinkedIn Account, as with all social media accounts you need to tend it. Having an account without using it is worse than not having one in the first place.

    3) The time involved in simply "expanding your network" is often not justified unless you are job-hunting or will job hunt. For existing businesses, what you will tend to find is more businesses just like you who are looking for business themselves.

    4) The spam and superficial nature of group discussions makes them, quite frankly, terrilble for learning. The smartest and brightest in your field are not likely hanging out there, unless your field is social media and marketing.

    5) Who really needs those "new options"? You're already overwhelmed by this and that cool tool. Need more? Nah. Wait until you retire.

  • Dec 30 Posted 6 years ago Lauren MacEwen (not verified)

    I have been amazed at some of the connections that have started to come out of LinkedIn.  If you use it, you can really find some amazing opportunity.

  • Dec 30 Posted 6 years ago Greg Taylor (not verified)

    I still find it amazing how many people are NOT on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the "business meeting" of the web 2.0

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