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5 Reasons Your Landing Page Is Not Converting Leads

Landing pages are a key aspect to any inbound marketing strategy.  If you have landing pages on your site, but aren’t seeing any leads or conversions, you are doing something wrong. 

Top 5 Reasons You Are Not Generating Leads From Your Landing Pages:

    1. People don’t know about it.  When designing a landing page you need to first plan where it should be placed on your site.  Ideally your site will already have been populated with pages and posts that correlate with the goal of the landing page.  However, you cannot stop there.  You need to also link-build with other industry related sites to place the landing page (or posts leading to it) on them.  If you are creating these pages, but not placing and promoting them correctly, forget about producing qualified leads!
    2. It isn’t personalized or specific to the needs of the visitor.  So often, people create generalized landing pages…because it is easy to do.  Each landing page you create should contain pertinent information for the EXACT service or product your visitors are looking for.  If your call to actions take your visitors to the same generic “contact us page”, you will see a higher bounce rate.  Studies have shown that the correlation of a relevant call to action and subject-specific landing page increase conversions by more than 40%. 
    3. The landing page is flooded with too many other links.  The goal of a landing page is to have the visitor FILL OUT THE FORM.  If your landing page has a navigation bar on it, a side bar or even a footer with links to other pages or services, you are going to lose your visitors.  Give web visitors very little choices of what to do next when they land on your page.  According to this Hubspot conversion A/B test, companies saw a 336% percent increase in conversions after removing the navigation bar.
    4. The form is too long.  People today have very little patience when it comes just about anything.  If your form is too intrusive or long, people will “drop out” mid-form.  Try to keep your form down to 3-4 fields at the most!  Some of the most successful landing pages only ask for emails and only after going through a lead nurturing campaign will gather further information.
    5. It isn’t mobile friendly. With more than 60% of viewers coming from smart phones or devices, your landing page NEEDS to have a “Responsive Theme”.  That includes the form showing up first and foremost.  To test how your site appears on smart devices, check out these websites:    iPhone: iPad: Reasons Your Landing Pages Do Not Convert Leads

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