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5 SEO Tricks for Pinterest

SEO for PinterestPinterest, without a doubt has been one of the fastest and every growing social media platform for brands with over 11 million users. I have always maintained that it is one medium every B2C brands should explore. Pinterest also has a great potential for brands to increase their reach unlike the conventional marketing channels, especially in the emerging economies.

With more people trying to make their purchase based on finding of products over Pinterest, there are few tricks that can optimize those simple looking pins get the desired attention.

1. Long tail keywords

As with any SEO strategies, it is very important to choose your keywords wisely. More important, try to have ‘long tail’ keyword – keywords with better and longer shelf life. How do you do that? Well, you can personalize the pin to cater to particular geographic location or gender. This apart from having the product description in place. In effect, you’re making the pin searchable for – product, place & person.

2. Using hash tags

Like Twitter, Google Plus or Instagram, Pinterest too latched on to the popularity of hash tags. These hash tags help you anchor the pin to a particular subject and makes it easily discoverable. Many of the brands track their marketing campaigns using hash tag like the recent Lakme campaign where it has asked users to pin with hash tag #BeautifulBrides. An excellent way to use hash tag!!

3. Backlinks

Backlinks form the core of any SEO campaign. It is very important that your site get a link back from the pin. While those links from Pinterest are ‘nofollow’ meaning you may not get the SEO juice, but you cannot discount the traffic that can be generated by backlinks. You should even consider adding the URL in the description, so each time the pin gets shared, you have stand a chance to add multiple visitors.

4. Track Click-through

Like in every marketing campaign, success is driven by the way you drive engagement, but even more important is how you quantify the campaign. With tools like Reachli, you can keep track of the campaign and track the CTRs. The information thus generated can help you to tweak campaigns to ensure better reach and generate the right amount of buzz.

5. Pin-it Button

And last, make it easy for visitors to easily Pin your products. Having a ‘Pin-it’ button from Pinterest on your website will ensure that the visitors to your site can also pin apart from you.

6. Bonus Tip – Alt Text/Image Description

Here’s the bonus tip – ensure that images on your site have great ‘Alt’ text and description, because that is the default information picked up by Pinterest when a visitor pins from your site. They may not change the description, so ensure that you have the right keywords to describe your product.

Hope the tips above will help you better the reach on Pinterest. But at the core of any social media campaign is engagement, so focus on that too!!

Your turn

1. What is your successful Pinterest strategy?

2. Apart from the above, what is a better way to increase success on Pinterest?

Your views are important, please share them using the comments below.

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  • malharbarai's picture
    Feb 22 Posted 4 years ago malharbarai

    That tip is for images on your own site. If you want Pinterest to pick up the description when the image is being pinned, it's good to have the alt tag.

  • malharbarai's picture
    Feb 22 Posted 4 years ago malharbarai

    That tip is for images on your own site. If you want Pinterest to pick up the description when the image is being pinned, it's good to have the alt tag.

  • Matt Baglia's picture
    Feb 17 Posted 4 years ago Matt Baglia

    Pinterest profile links are also DOFOLLOW. An easy place to get a solid link back to your website.

  • Todd Randolph's picture
    Jan 30 Posted 4 years ago Todd Randolph

    I think the reference to alt tags is about images on your site. technically not a pinterest tip, but good to remember.

  • Poeabby Masoud's picture
    Jan 25 Posted 4 years ago Poeabby Masoud

    My question here is, since I have no HTML control over any alt tags the photo will have, how do I add that? Do you mean to add metadata to the image, and you are suggesting that Pinterest reads that?

  • malharbarai's picture
    Jan 25 Posted 4 years ago malharbarai

    Glad you liked it! Those have worked well for me too.

  • Jan 24 Posted 4 years ago Widemans5

    I love your ideas to for SEO with Pinterest. I love the idea of having a pin it button on a site, this will give visitors an easy way to use Pinterest from your site. I think your ideas are great, I already use Pinterest some for promoting, but I will definitely check out some of your other suggestions. Thanks!

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