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5 Sites to Help Build Your Twitter Community

Whether your business is new to Twitter or you've been busting your ass and grown a decent Twitter community, there are always new tips and tricks to help you work more efficiently and optimize your workflow. A lot of businesses outside the online marketing industry usually spend a lot of hard work and time sweating over refollowing everyone that follows them, answering every retweet and thank you message that they get and countless other tasks that don't have much of a bang for their buck. 

While it has worked to get you to here, it isn't the most efficient use of time and energy. You can be sure that social media agencies aren't just using and far too many man-hours to build their community. They have tricks up their sleeves.

A big relief washes over most business owners when they learn there are so many valuable Twitter tools to help manage the social network and help build their Twitter followers. While there may be somewhere upwards of eleventy billion Twitter apps, websites and tools out there for every little social media task you could imagine, here are a solid few that can help you immediately join in on your target audience and engage with potential customers while building your network and still keeping you sane.

1. Triberr

Triberr is a community-building platform for bloggers. It is a great place to join and connect with Strategic Partners for your business and grow your online community.

2. Twitter Community Tool is a great tool for analyzing your Twitter community and seeing who is engaging with you the most and who your most influential connections are. It also allows you to search Twitter, monitor keywords to help generate new business leads for you as well as a recommendation of who you should consider following based on your activity.

3. Twitter Curating Tool is an excellent content curation service that automatically creates a webpage of your activity from your social profiles and "based on topics that you like and treat your readers to fresh news, daily." This is a good tool to use as a dash of automation that gives you quality content to share and @mention your peers and help you gain attention as an industry voice in your field.

4. Crowdbooster

Crowdbooster Twitter Community Building Tool

I've only recently discovered Crowdbooster, but so far I really like it. In their words, they "show you analytics that aren't based on abstract scores but numbers that are connected to your business and your social media strategies: impressions, total reach, engagement, and more. We then give you the tools and recommendations you need to take action and improve each one of these metrics."

5. IFTTT (adding lists)

If you're not using IFTTT yet, you are in for a real treat. They allow you to connect your social profiles across the web and trigger different events based on your actions. A nice recipe, as they call them, that I recently discovered is adding people who interact with you to a Twitter List. I created a private list called "Engaged" and anytime someone mentions or follows me, they are automatically added to the list. This is a great trick to keep track of anyone you have interacted with and after a few weeks (or a few days if your memory is like mine) you forget who they were and are too far down the list of mentions to see immediately. 

Bonus Tool!

Another tool I recently discovered is and it allows you to easily create and manage your Twitter Lists. You can search with advanced tools (Follow Back Ratio, # of Followers, Bio, Location, etc.), add users to lists manually and even has an Auto Add To List function.

What Other Communities Do You Belong To That Have Helped Build Your Twitter Following?

What are some tips and tricks you use to increase Twitter engagement and build a solid following with your targeted audience?

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  • Jul 1 Posted 3 years ago Ganna

    I can recommend RoundTeam - Twitter app, which allows other people to contribute to your Twitter feed. It took me 10 min to set up RoundTeam account and connect my Twitter to it. I can say that this 10 minutes were a really valuable time investment. RoundTeam has several interesting use cases I personally get value from. The first is Community Building - The second is Updates aggregation - I highly recommend this tool, it really helps to save time.

  • Dec 11 Posted 4 years ago albert_c

    Nice article, Todd! followbackr is a website I've used to auto follow and get reports on my influential followers. They have spam filtering built in as well.

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