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5 Tips to Getting More Likes on Your Facebook Page

LikeIn this technologically advanced world, social networking sites have become real popular among the youngsters and even the oldies.

Even a 12 year old has a Facebook account. Since millions and billions of people use Facebook, it is a great way to promote your business, interests or services as the chances of getting noticed are more.

Not all Facebook pages do well and hence here we are to educate you about the 5 tips to getting more likes on your Facebook page.

Likes are not as hard to get but you need to know certain things to get liked on Facebook.

Make your page interesting and fun

The world wants entertainment and a good laugh at the end of the day. Make your page really fun to read and to look at. How to make your Facebook page fun?

You can add some interesting and fun videos, pictures, punch lines, activities or even create contests such as ‘the last post wins free movie tickets for XYZ movie’.

This can certainly grab the attention of the local audience and get you more likes and comments. But always remember that Facebook has certain rules too. Adhere by the rules and everything else will be fine.

Good content is the trick

If you want your Facebook page to be really popular then nothing works better than good content! Did you know that when people go to a website, they just look at first few and last few lines to judge whether the website is worth looking at or not.

Same goes with Facebook page – great catchy content can attract a lot of attention. Make it interesting and interactive so that people get keen to read more. Do not ever use technical language which goes on top of the head. Remember that common people exist in this world.

Ask fun and interesting questions

Do you want to grab some attention and get more likes on your page? Then here is the best trick – ask fun questions to people. If you ask boring day to day questions, nobody will bother going to your Facebook page and hence you need to be more creative so that people start talking. Make it more fun and interesting rather than dull and boring. The more conversation means more popularity.

Invite your friends and foes

There is nothing wrong in promoting your page among your friends and foes. What are friends for? They will understand what it means to you. Tell them about your Facebook page and they will surely click the like button for you. There is also an invite friend option through which you can invite your friends. Friendship sake!

URL always helps

Add the URL to your facebook page on everything you can think of – twitter page, LinkedIn page, business card, resume, skillpages – ANYTHING! This way people will surely look up the URL and 4 out of 10 people will surely hit the like button.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started and promote your page everywhere! Don’t forget to invite us to your Facebook page!


This is a post by Tina, a freelance writer for the number one Scottish Highlands Guide, who are experts in using social media to promote the areas of the highlands.



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  • Feb 12 Posted 5 years ago adam lander

    Kiesha big thanks for that great post ) really good tips for get more likes on facebook    )))

  • Jan 7 Posted 5 years ago atladasmedia

    Good post and thank you for the great sum up. If I may add a 6th option,  especially for small businesses where their page/ business title might not mean anything to most people, Facebook "title" might also be a way to drive more traffic (or give the thumbs up) to your facebook page by including a phrase/keyword relevant to the business cause.

    I did an article discussing extensively here (for those who read it please read onlye the Facebook title as kiesha is alrady covering the content topic here) I think it adds a lot and completes the list. For those who are not fun of reading long posts, imagine that you have a company called Xcvbn which sells "Pain relief for long-term sport training injuries". 

    There is going to be a complete different LIKE ratio if you create the exact 2 same pages with the following titles:

    Xcvbn “ and “Pain relief for long-term sport training injuries – Xcvbn

    Just food for thought! :-)



  • Jan 5 Posted 5 years ago Don Purdum

    I enjoyed the article Tina! I also ask people directly when I'm involved in online and offline networking groups. That worked well with a previous business.


    Since you said ask for your invite, I'd love it if you checked out ours at

  • Lisapatb's picture
    Jan 5 Posted 5 years ago Lisapatb

    I find inviting friends from Twitter really helps too!

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