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5 Types of Blog Content That Drive Engagement

If you write content—whether for yourself or for a client—then you’re well aware that writing can be tricky—heck, even downright challenging. But it’s what comes after you hit “publish” that can be even more daunting for marketers. If no one reads, shares or comments on your blog post, you’re not likely to get much leverage from your content—and that doesn’t bode well for your content marketing strategy.

In an ideal world, we’d all be able to crank out piles and piles of witty, informative and compelling content that’s so amazing it automatically makes readers want to share and distribute it far and wide. In reality? Even your best writing might not drive much engagement.

Before you swear off blogging forever, let me share a valuable tip with you. Just as certain types of Facebook posts spark a higher number of comments, likes and shares, certain types of blog content inherently drive more engagement. As you brainstorm and write blog posts, try incorporating a mix of the following content types into your editorial strategy. Then take note about what your audience responds to and tailor your posts accordingly.

5 Types of Blog Content That Drive Engagement

Trends. Regardless of what industry you’re in, there’s always something going on—and that means you have timely, relevant blog fodder ready and waiting. Writing a trends post isn’t only an effective way to showcase your area of expertise, but it’s also a chance for you to put your own distinctive spin on a topic, even if it’s something that’s been discussed ad nauseum.

Interviews. Readers respond well to conversational pieces, and nothing’s more conversational than an interview or Q&A. Plus, interviews lend themselves to different types of media, which means they’re an ideal way to include more video content on your blog.

Book reviews. Writing a book review is a great way to demonstrate your industry smarts and discuss information that’s particularly timely. Check out some of the newest releases in a category related to your industry and share your opinion with your readers. Another tip? Before you publish, reach out to the publisher and/or author and see if you can snag a review copy that you can offer as a giveaway on your blog. Contests are (almost) always a hit! After all, who doesn’t love #winning?

Lists. Talk about some Jedi mind tricks—you’re in the middle of reading a list right now! And you’re loving it, aren’t you? Readers respond well to lists because they’re concise and to-the-point. Plus, they deliver a, well, list of actionable tips that readers can immediately implement.

Rants. Peeved about something? Can’t imagine why—that never happens to me. Funnel your anger and irritation into a thoughtful blog post. Before you hit “publish,” however, be sure to take a step back and make sure your post isn’t riddled with nasty language or name-calling—those unsightly additions won’t do anything to strengthen your position. Be respectful toward the person or organization about which you’re ranting, but at the same time, don’t be afraid to share your true feelings—the ideal result is that your rant will spark some sort of change. And in the meantime, you’ll likely fuel a lively discussion in your blog’s comments section, so be prepared!

The ideas are already flowing, aren’t they? Don’t be afraid to experiment with content formats that work best for your writing style, subject matter and voice. And be sure to keep a close eye on your analytics so that you can see which posts are driving the most traffic and distribution. That way, you can be sure to incorporate those types on a more regular basis and help fine-tune your larger content strategy.

What type of content have you found to be the most successful for your blog?


Image by Search Engine People Blog via Creative Commons

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  • shellykramer1's picture
    Jul 15 Posted 5 years ago shellykramer1

    Your 'being of Celtic background" comment made me smile, Steve. A rant, at least to me, is taking on something that you disagree with, and laying out a case for your argument. Sometimes I find that pretty cathartic. And it also can be a nice conversation starter. Not to mention traffic driver.

    Simple stories are pretty stellar, too. And I love your idea of multiple iterations of those stories. Very good idea!!

    Thanks so much for coming by - and I apologize for not catching your comment earlier!


  • shellykramer1's picture
    Jul 15 Posted 5 years ago shellykramer1

    Thanks so much, Alexandrine. Lists are, without question, pretty effective. Thanks for the mention, and the link - will go check out your post now. Thanks, too, for coming by!

  • Alexandrine Gauvin's picture
    Jul 15 Posted 5 years ago Alexandrine Gauvin

    Hi Shelly,

    Thanks for the interesting article. I recently wrote an article on our love of lists and cited you: http://wp.me/p2lLxI-5j We simply can't get enough of those lists!


  • Steve Gillies's picture
    Jul 9 Posted 5 years ago Steve Gillies



    thanks for an interesting article. I agree with all of your points and use them regularly. I'm not so sure about rants - maybe it depends how controlled your rant is.

    Being of Celtic background I can argue and rant with the best of them so try to keep it in check.

    I've found story telling a good format and especially if I can carry 'characters' or 'themes' from one article to another as a kind of on-going thread.

    Just simple stories that make my point but wrapped up into a personal anecdote and maybe with a touch of humour.




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