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5 Ways Businesses Can Use Facebook Embedded Posts

Facebook recently announced a new feature that allows users to embed their Facebook posts outside of the social network.  Embedded posts allow users to take their posts from their Facebook Page and embed them onto external sites, including blogs and websites. The post embeds exactly how it appears on Facebook with photos, videos and hashtags and other content.  Readers can interact with embedded posts by liking or sharing the post and liking the Page directly from the website.

So what does this mean for business Pages? Essentially embedded posts encourage users to contribute to your businesses's conversation on Facebook. Here are a few ways businesses can use embedded posts to their advantage.

1. Drive new Likes

When you embed a post from Facebook it automatically generates a "Like Page" button in the right hand corner. Try embedding a post that provides a useful resource or piece of information about your business so the reader is inspired to like your Page from the embedded post. You can also create a post that includes a call to action such as "Like us on Facebook to receive exclusive offers and deals," and then embed that post on your blog or website for a further reach.

2. Encourage sign-ups for a newsletter or blog 

If you've ever asked your fans on Facebook to sign up for your newsletter, subscribe to your blog or to opt-in to receive emails from you, using embedded posts can bring that request to your website and blog audience as well. Most businesses are looking to grow their lists and embedded posts make it easy to provide a quick link so your website/blog visitors can do this. Make sure you include the link to where they can sign up!

3. Expand the reach of a custom app

Custom apps are used for a variety of reasons -- to run contests, offer coupons, fan-gate, collect data, run sweepstakes, etc. -- Facebook's embedded posts can increase the awareness of your apps to your audience outside of Facebook. We recommend running a "Facebook exclusive" contest where you express in your status update that the contest is only open to people who "Like" your Page. That way your website and blog audience is inspired to Like your Facebook Page straight from your embedded post and then head over to your app to enter your contest.

4. Share news

Have something exciting to share with your audience? Maybe you just released a new feature or are moving offices. Embedding a post from Facebook is an easy way to get a consistent message out to your entire audience, on and off social media.

5. Embed Posts from other Businesses

This is an interesting feature that I see being really beneficial for businesses who want to partner with each other. For example, we recently released an eBook with Facebook marketing guru, Jon Loomer. We were both posting consistently on Facebook about the partnered eBook, so embedding Jon's post on our blog and website was a great way to build exposure about the eBook and to lead readers to Jon's website where he was offering his own exclusives for downloading the book.

If you're interested in embedding your Facebook posts, here's a quick tutorial on embedding posts:
Hover your mouse to the top right corner of the Facebook Post and click on the down arrow.


Down arrow


Click on "Embed Post"


Embed Post


Copy and Paste the embed code into your website or blog.


Embed Code




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