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5 Ways to Double Your Twitter Followers in 10 Minutes a Day

Social media doesn't have to be time consuming.

But there's no reason you have to check Twitter every hour. Too many people confuse busyness with effectiveness.

In fact, 10 minutes a day is all it takes to engage with others and grow your followers.

Here's 5 easy things you can start using this week.


Twitter Image courtesy of eldh


1. Do Less

You can't always get better results with doing more.

So instead, try to do less but focus on the essential.

Your results will skyrocket if you set constraints, like setting a timer for 10 minutes per day, and establish accountability, with time tracking software like RescueTime.

Start by looking at your own daily routines and activities. You're probably wasting hours surfing the net or hanging out on Twitter.

The opportunity cost of that time is huge. For example, instead of hanging out on another Twitter Chat, you should be doing this...


2. "Top-Down" Strategy

People think that social media is only about community management.

So they get on Twitter and tweet to an empty room, or try to interject or interrupt others in order to "engage the conversation".

That's a really ineffective use of your time.

A better strategy is to put yourself in a position where others want to contact you - Click to Tweet.


  • Offer to speak for free to local organizations
  • Contribute guest content to other websites
  • Help a nonprofit with their social media strategy
  • Create a free tool, plugin, or theme and email it to relevant bloggers
  • Run a promotion with another brand or blog

The possibilities are only limited to your imagination. But every time the goal is to give freely to people who have influence or control over communities of people.


3. Automate

One of the best things about inbound marketing is the tools that help you automate different processes. These tools also help you appear really active.

They will send out a consistent stream of updates through-out the day, night and weekend, giving the appearance that you're always "staying engaged". Here are two of my favorites.

Import the Tweet Old Post WordPress plugin to automatically send out posts from your archives. You can set up the time frequency, add hashtags, or even a brief message before or after each update. You can also specify a date range, so people will only get posts from the past 3 months, or posts from a year ago.

Another useful tool is Twitterfeed, which will send out Tweets automatically from RSS feeds you enter. So you can load your own fee, or your favorite blogs, and it will take care of the work for you.


4. Curate

Curating other people's content helps you build thought leadership and can also create reciprocity. And again, there are a variety of tools that make this process instant and pain-free.

Start by grabbing a collection of your favorite blogs and loading them into a RSS reader like Google Reader.

Now you can quickly scan the headlines each day and pick out the best articles to share with everyone else. Then use Timely or Buffer to schedule these updates through-out the day. These tools also help you optimize each update to go out at the best times of the day. That means greater visibility, increased reach, and more click-throughs.

Add a few thoughts to each to personalize your message and show off your personality. Because people on Twitter don't just want to see your links, they want to know why you like it. Then they can emotionally connect with your point of view and leave their own comment.


5. Engage

You've removed a lot of the time consuming aspects of Twitter in the first four steps.

What's left is the important part - engaging with other people.

But when you start following hundreds of people, your home stream quickly becomes useless. So start creating Private Lists for the important people you want to connect and stay in touch with. For example, you can have one for "Bloggers & Journalists", one for "Customers/Clients", one for "Friends" and another for "Influencers".

Now every time you login, you'll immediately know what's going on in your important circle of contacts.

And you can spend the bulk of your time communicating and using Twitter for the reason it was created - connecting with other people.

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  • Apr 29 Posted 4 years ago theaLight

    For some, gaining an enormous amount of followers on twitter is a must-have. But personally, I prefer my followers to be people I know and value.

  • Feb 21 Posted 4 years ago rawatconnecting..

    you go brad, this is really a useful tip for me as i am new here, as a twitter addict yes this info was pure gem.

  • Feb 21 Posted 4 years ago rawatconnecting..

    fresh start, new reflection all together. thanx a ton for this useful info as this mean a lot to me as i am new to this topic. hope to get the best from you in future as i got useful info from this post as i am a twitter addict.

    cheers mate

  • RogerWood's picture
    Dec 19 Posted 4 years ago RogerWood

    Great tips, I use Hootsuite. However, one must remember posts on linkedin, twitter, google+, facebook and other social channels have different content and length requirements. Content must fit the channel. Sometimes an aggregator does not allow that or restricts your message to fit the minimum required.

    In making the content fit, do not lose the message.

  • AmyFowler's picture
    Nov 12 Posted 4 years ago AmyFowler

    Really nice article Brad, despite the slightly ambitious title! I suppose the title got me to read your article though, so served its purpose to you :-)

  • Agence webmarketing.fr's picture
    Sep 23 Posted 4 years ago Agence webmarke...

    Hello, I think automate our information on social networks is not always the best thing. Human value is to consider that we want to speak with our followers.

  • Sep 17 Posted 4 years ago jojoanne9

    thanks Brad for your insights into twitter!

    There is always something new to learn and Twitter is on my to do list. I too have heard about Tweroid and that's where I'll begin as well as using the Hootsuite platform I use for a lot of my social media posts.



  • Aug 31 Posted 4 years ago Manuela Matias Matos

    Brad, nice and easy steps. It may be possible to double my followers, but the meaningful ones. Thank you!

  • Jul 31 Posted 4 years ago Erinn Curran

    I disagree with practically everything said here for the following reasons:

    1.  You have mistaken 'tactics' as 'strategy'.  Your advice is not strategic.

    2. Automation of content pushing is not marketing.

    3.  Thought leadership can not be gained by your own actions.  Others must anoint you as a thought leader.  Thought leadership comes from years of honing a profession in a particular niche, not creating apps. Writing a book and having it published would be a much better way to gain thought leadership.

    4. Spreading other peoples articles gives the author of those articles more kudos than the spreader.

    5.  You have given the false impression that more followers equals more success.  This isn't ever the case.

    The advice dished out in this blog is dangerous.  It advises that more keyboard bashing tactics equals strategy.  Has anyone who writes on this blog ever written or read a single book on strategy?  None of what is claimed to be strategy in this blog is in any way strategic.  

    Advice should include:
    1.  Find your niche
    2.  Spend years honing your profession
    3.  Write books, white papers, do research on your chosen topic
    4.  Read a book on strategy
    5.  Train in marketing theory, get a degree or even a HND
    6.  Focus on the near-term strategic critical issues that are causing your business pain and use the marketing theory to solve them.  The tactics will then present themselves.
    7.  There are nearly 1 billion users on Facebook and Twitter.  It's easy, you don't need our help to teach you how to do the tactics.



  • Jul 30 Posted 4 years ago Jeanna Barrett

    This is a great post - love the comment on how "social media management" is not just sitting on Twitter every day, all day. I'm shocked how many of my colleagues do this. My favorite two tools right now, used together for curation, are Prismatic (a feed of all the news relevent to your community or niche) and Buffer. 

  • FixCourse's picture
    Jul 29 Posted 4 years ago FixCourse

    Thank you for your comment Pam!  I think nonprofits are a great way for people (and organizations) to (1) help others, (2) meet other high profile people, and (3) put themselves in an "influential" position in front of a large passionate community. I would love to hear about your formal programs!

  • PamMoore's picture
    Jul 27 Posted 5 years ago PamMoore

    Brad I love your suggestion for people to do less with more. I agree with your thinking in that I really think many times we over complicate what should be so simple. I also like your idea of volunteering with non-profits etc. We have talked a lot about this lately and are working with some new non-profits to help them. We plan to put some more formal programs around such in the next few weeks.  

    Thanks for the inspiration this Friday night! Have a great weekend. 

  • nubikay's picture
    Jul 27 Posted 5 years ago Nubi Kayode

    Thank you very much Brad. You made my day with this tips and I particularly appreciate the 'action tips' via links. Cheers

  • learnit2earnit's picture
    Jul 26 Posted 5 years ago learnit2earnit

    These are great tips Brad and I use many of the tools you share here.  I am happy to hear you say that tweeting to an empty room or interrupting people is not the goal with Twitter.  It takes some thought and planning on how you will engage on this platform and any other social sites as well.

    But being a 'giver first' is the mindset you must have to achieve success.  It really does start with helping and be giving of others.  So I appreciate you sharing and reminding us of that.

  • JustinFlitter's picture
    Jul 26 Posted 5 years ago JustinFlitter

    If you have less than 10 followers then perhaps this advice would be logical but there is simply no way I'm ever going to double my followers in ten min per day. 

    Capping your engagement on twitter to 10 min per day is like saying you should only post 5-10 tweets perday which is like saying you should only speak 100 words perday which is totally illogical

    If you have something to contribute, listen to or otherwise engage with others on Twitter you should, the more you do the beter your results will be. 


  • biztag's picture
    Jul 26 Posted 5 years ago biztag

    Interesting! I like the click to tweet idea, however that can be a real time consuming social action. 

    I believe we are just starting to see the power of twitter. The significance of the #Hashtag & crowd communication around an event or promotion. love it!

    Twitter is compelling. Communication is key. It's not about how many followers you have, it's about what your getting out of the ones you have. Is your tweet stream interesting, is their a benefit or original content from people you follow? Use others information to link your content to for a more in depth perspective on whatever it is your putting out there. 

    Quality > Quantity; The tweeters you engage with on a regular basis can build interesting relationships. One piece of advice I can offer is, follow those that you are interested in. Don't follow out of guilt. Before you follow someone, read their tweets, get a feel for what they also like, it's a two way street. Most of all don't be offended if someone does not follow you, timing may be off. Happy Tweeting! *biztag

  • Jul 26 Posted 5 years ago AutoJini

    Great tips! I have been doing all of these things except for the last one--make lists. I will start today! One tool I like to use with Buffer is Tweroid. It analyzes your Twitter account and gives a report on the best times to send out your tweets to get the most visibility. 

  • KylaK's picture
    Jul 25 Posted 5 years ago KylaK

    Great post Brad! Your suggestions are realistic and easy to achieve. Once I started curating all my favourite social media sites, I saved heaps of time! I agree with the automate but it should not be mistaken for the auto messaging when you receive a new follower (annoying and impersonal). Integrating your blog posts into Twitter is a great idea.



    Kyla, Marketing & Communications (@kylak)


  • jorourk4's picture
    Jul 25 Posted 5 years ago jorourk4

    Brad.  Love your out of the box thinking with your "Top-Down Strategy".  Paricularly, speaking at local organizations, and helping non profits with their social media strategies : )

    -Jennifer O'Rourke, Marketing Manager, Meltwater

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