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5 Ways to Increase Fan Engagement on Your Facebook Page

Facebook engagementHaving a Facebook page for your business is a very useful way to communicate with your fan base and form a community based around your business where fans can share with each other. When you increase fan engagement—users sharing with you and sharing with each other—your business will be even more successful, because fans will be more connected with your business personally when it gives them the chance to express themselves and share ideas with others in the same community. There are a lot of ways you can increase fan engagement on your Facebook page.

Share Pictures and Videos

One great thing about social media platforms is that they allow you to share multiple forms of media, such as pictures and videos. Facebook makes it easy to share pictures and videos, and when you post a picture or video to your wall, it will show up in your fans’ news feeds to get their attention. Sharing pictures and videos of your office or other places and events where your company is operating will give fans a peek into your life and help them get to know you better, because they now have images and sounds to associate with your business. You can also share fun pictures and videos of your employees sharing about themselves so your fans know who is serving them in your company. This will gain you trust and loyalty, because your fans can connect to you on more of a personal level.

Ask Questions to Encourage Interaction

One of the main reasons social media is so popular is because people enjoy expressing themselves and sharing ideas with others. If you ask your fans questions about themselves that relate to something involving your business, it is a welcome invitation for fans to think about how your business affects their lives as well as a great opportunity for fans to share insights with each other and realize they as fans have formed a community with things in common. You, too, will gain valuable insight—you will know how your fans are feeling and what they want from you.

Host Contests and Share Winners

Everyone loves contests, because contests give them a chance to apply their skills and express themselves to others. Ask fans to send you a picture of themselves, their family or their pets doing something that reflects their interaction with your company, and share the winners on your Facebook page for all your fans to see. Giving fans the incentive to participate by offering a prize is a great way to share your product with your fans as well. Contests can be done any time of the year, or based around a holiday or season to make it more fun. They can even be centered around milestones.

For example, The Imprint Doctor ran milestone giveaways for every 100 likes they received. Prior to each promotion, they would post pictures of three separate products and would then ask fans to vote by commenting on which one they'd like to win. This helped with boosting engagement and buzz on their Facebook page. Additionally, it helped The Imprint Doctor indentify which products were keepers and which might be better off not keeping in stock.


The Imprint Doctor with Michael Jaccarino

For additional ideas on running Facebook contests, you can check out this article from Razor Social. 

Host and Share Events

Facebook’s event feature is a great way to invite people to events related to your business, because Facebook will remind fans in advance when the event will be, and they can see who else will be attending the event. Hosting events will give you the chance to meet your fans and allow them to meet and interact with each other. Events like barbecues, car washes, picnics, concerts, cookie exchanges for the holidays, or other ways you want to arrange a meet-up are fun and successful ways to bring your business community from the internet sphere to the real world, connecting fans with your business more than ever.

Utilize Page Insights to Increase Views and Discover Popular Content

Use Facebook’s Page Insights feature to take notice of what times of day and which days of the week that fans interact most with your page, and post updates during those time to get the most views. You can also use this feature to quickly see which status updates have gotten the most likes or comments. Think about what it is that made those posts get more likes and comments, and create more posts that share the same successful features in order to increase fan engagement.

Follow these tips and your Facebook page is sure to be brimming with activity that will help you and your fans connect, and bring profit to your business.


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