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5 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

twitterWith more than 200 million active users, Twitter is still one of the fastest growing social media networks along with LinkedIn and Pinterest.  With this many users, it may seem inevitable that once you sign up, followers will flock to follow your account, especially those familiar with your brand.  Gaining Twitter followers is not quite that simple.  Here are five ways to help your brand gain Twitter followers and brand ambassadors:

Tweet and Tweet Often

Tweeting less than once a week is not going to put you on the fore front of news streams  In fact, tweeting less than once a week is no recommended.  Tweet as often as you can with relevant, interesting content.

Tweet Great Content

You have put your heart and soul into your business and want to share it with the world through social media.   Tweeting great content will drive people to follow and interact with your brand.  Where do you find this great content?  Here are a few ways:

-Content Creation: Content is still king and writing and maintaining a blog on your website can provide great content for your Twitter followers, which in turn, will get them looking at your website.

-HootSuite Streams:  Pick two or three topics that represent what your business is about and topics you believe your followers will be interested in.  Create a stream (or streams) in HootSuite that will collect tweets with the keywords of your choice.  This can help sort through some of the Twitter clutter, and provide you with great content to share with your followers.

-Google Alerts:  Pick two or three topics like you did in HootSuite and set up Google Alerts to give you content from all around the web.  This can be customized to alert you once a day or in real time.  Depending on the topic, you may want real time results to create buzz around a particular topic.


Providing great content will get your followers tweeting and retweeting what you are sending out to them.  Interact with those who are sharing your content. Thank them for sharing and retweeting your content and strike up conversations with people you follow for discussions and debates on topics relevant to your business and followers.

Follow Others in Your Industry

Twitter has provided its users with a “Discover” tab that takes information you have provided in your profile and information you tweet about and gives you who to follow recommendations.  Following people in your industry will get you tons of great content to share with your followers, ways to interact with others interested in the same topics, and examples of tweets that work.

Make Your Profile Stand Out

Recently, Twitter has changed the aesthetics of the Twitter profile.  Now, in addition to a basic profile picture and background, your Twitter profile can also have a header picture that is 1252×626.  Use this to its full potential to represent what your brand is all about.  Make sure your bio tells the most about your company and that your profile picture is your logo or a photo that best represents your brand as a whole.

Using these 5 steps, your brand will be headed towards a socially interactive and successful future on Twitter!

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  • Nina Churchill's picture
    Mar 21 Posted 4 years ago Nina Churchill

    Thank you!  Yes, the more followers you have, the more interaction you are likely to achieve. Quality of followers is also important.  You want people to follow you that have a really interest in the content you are posting. 

  • Andrew Grojean's picture
    Mar 21 Posted 4 years ago Andrew Grojean

    Great post Nina! I've found that regularly following others in my industry was the best way to gain followers after I hit a plateau due to trying to grow followers organically (without following others). The number of Twitter followers isn't everything, but it's nice to have more people to interact with!

  • Nina Churchill's picture
    Mar 21 Posted 4 years ago Nina Churchill

    For measuring the ROI of Twitter, I use HootSuite analytics to menasure how many people are clicking on the links I post.  I also use Google Analytics to see who is going directly to my website from Twitter.  The main measurement I use right now is interaction.  If people are sharing and interacting with my content, that is the best ROI you can get!

  • Astound Commerce's picture
    Mar 20 Posted 4 years ago Astound Commerce

    Gaining followers on Twitter is beneficial for a brand to engage with customers. Posting valuable content can surly have more chance to allow people to follow and share your brand. Moreover, including a trendy hashtag that is relevant to your tweet is also a great way to reach more people. What is your opinion of measuring the ROI of twitter? Thank you for sharing!

  • Nina Churchill's picture
    Mar 20 Posted 4 years ago Nina Churchill

    If you need help or want to know any ins and outs of HootSuite, let me know!

  • Nina Churchill's picture
    Mar 20 Posted 4 years ago Nina Churchill

    Thank you!

  • Mar 20 Posted 4 years ago Dan Erickson

    Thanks for you detailed response Nina.  I just added HootSuite to my iPad a couple of weeks ago.  I'm still in the experimental phase but can see the possibilties in using it.  I do post consistently, but only once or twicw a day, and I understand it should be a little more often, but not too much.

  • Emekatalks's picture
    Mar 20 Posted 4 years ago Emekatalks

    great post Nina.


  • Nina Churchill's picture
    Mar 19 Posted 4 years ago Nina Churchill

    Here are a few time saving tips:

    -Schedule tweets ahead of time using HootSuite. When you do have time to sit down, find topics of interest and schedule the tweets to go out during the week.

    -Apps are a time saver.  I use the HootSuite mobile app to get real-time push notifications so I can reply and interact when I have a minute to look at my phone.  Google has the Google Reader app that can organize your Google Alerts.  You can tweet the alerts you find relevant right from your phone.  You can also schedule these tweets.

    -While your computer is starting up, take a minute to look at tweets on your phone and retweet anything you find compeling.

    It isn't about tweeting a crazy amount, it is about tweeting regularly and tweeting relevant and interesting content.  Can't reply back and interact right on the spot?  Do it when you have a second, your followers will appreciate that you still acknowledged them for sharing your content!


  • Mar 19 Posted 4 years ago Dan Erickson

    I agree with your post, but where does one find the time?  I have a full tim time job, I write books, blog, and promote using several social media platforms.  I've found twitter to be my least favorite social media because it requires more attention and interaction than the others.  Oh, I'm a single dad, too.  My time is more important than tweeting so often I go chirpy.

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