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5 Ways To Socialize Your Events

Events PromotionEvents are changing the way we do business. I personally love going to a good event. There are online events and offline events, and more often than not, events can be used to spur promotion around your product, service, or business. Whether you are a B2B company or a B2C company, hosting an event can be great for a business. They can bring people into your store and get people talking about you.

As they are social by nature, here are some tips to socialize them online for maximum promotion and exposure.

5 Ways To Socialize your Events

1. Hashtag
The single most important social aspect of your event is going to be the hashtag. The hashtag is a key element to your social exposure. Not only does it have to be sticky, but it also has to be constant. The reason your hashtag needs to be constant is so you can keep the conversation going year after year or month after month, depending on the frequency of your event.

Your hashtag also needs to be everywhere. Think of it as a moving billboard for you. It needs to be in all of your communications socially, in email, and on your website. Tattoo it on your forehead if you need to! The reason it is so important is because you want as many people as possible using it and you want those who aren't going to the event to know about it and be jealous that they aren't there.

2. Empower Your Speakers
Your speakers or guest stars are going to be very important as well. Since your speakers should have a little celebrity about them, they have their own network to share to. You will want to make sure that they can share the event and publicize it as much as possible. The more you empower them to share and promote themselves, the more reach your event will have.

This might require you doing a little work for them. Provide your speakers with pre-written tweets and Facebook posts they can use if they are too busy to come up with one themselves. It might even make sense to write a newsletter for them so they have as little work to do as possible.

3. Empower Your Attendees
Your attendees are also going to be a driving force. Give them the power to promote themselves and share the event to their friends. You can use an affiliate code and give them power to sell tickets for you. If there is a little money or an incentive for them, you never know what kind of motivation they can come up with!

4. Congregate Online
Create a group on Facebook or LinkedIn that will allow your attendees and speakers to talk to one another before and after the event. By giving them the exclusivity of a little club, they will feel special. This can also build up the community around your event.

5. Bridge Online & Offline
You can always open up the event to an online audience with a live stream. Because the people are watching and interacting online, they are also likely to tweet about it and share it online, giving you more exposure.

How do you socialize your events?

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  • nikhilmakwana's picture
    Dec 3 Posted 1 year ago nikhilmakwana

    Really interesting stuff you have shared with us. I can say you have mentioned quick strategy to promote your event:

    • via #Tag
    • Celebrity as a Speaker
    • Grab a chance to enhance visibility by sharing event with Speaker's Networks
    • Earning awareness with attendees and their networks

    I really appreciate this. Thanks for sharing with us.

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