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55 Tips to Get Retweeted on Twitter

twitter retweet tipsRetweets, you have heard about them, you know what they are but you aren’t gettin’ them.

For some reason you just can’t seem to get the engagement you are seeking, desiring and yearning for in social media and Twitter.

You may be new to Twitter and simply don’t know what the heck you are doing, how to get a retweet or why the retweets even matter. This post won’t teach you what Twitter is but provides good tips for tweetable content which you need regardless if you know what you’re doing or not (joking).

Or you may be a Twitter and social media veteran who just wants to boost your ego, increase your Klout score or simply show off for Grandpa this weekend how popular you are on the social waves?

Retweets are good in that they help spread your message, can increase brand awareness, visits to your blog, and help you meet business and marketing objectives if you have properly integrated social media into your business.

Whatever your motivation may be to increase the retweet love, below are a few tips (55 of them) to increase those retweets. No promises. No guarantees. But heck, what do you have to lose?

55 Tips to Increase Retweets on Twitter

1. Remove the default egg avatar & add a photo of your smiling face asap.

2. Don’t use photo as an avatar that I can’t see. Otherwise I’ll think you’re a stalker.

3. Add a bio to your Twitter profile.

4. Add a link to your blog, website, Facebook page or Linkedin profile to your Twitter bio.

5. Turn off your Twitter auto DM spam messages.

6. Don’t be a stalker.

7. Know your audience.

8. Know the lingo.

9. Know the tools.

10. Include a link (but not on every tweet).

11. Shorten the link (use or other shorteners).

12. Leave room for a retweet (room for your twitter handle plus a few extra characters).

13. Tweet something unique (not just the first 5 posts on

14. Add a comment to the end of the tweet (this will require you actually read the content you are tweeting).

15. READ the content you tweet a link to (BTW, I don’t tweet anything that I have not read!)

16. Be interesting.

17. Don’t tweet like you are writing a piece of corporate collateral from 1992.

18. Don’t tweet about yourself all day.

19. Time of day matters. Try tweeting different content different times of day and see what works.

20. Measure results, refine, measure again. Measure via clicks, blog visits, time of day etc.

21. Inspire me.

2 2. Make me laugh.

23. Make me cry.

24. Educate me.

25. Show me that you’re human.

26.Talk to me like I am human.

27. Connect me with other people that you know.

28. Provide value.

29. Be yourself.

30. Context is important.

31. Tone matters.

32. Include words like “top, how to, tips” if you are tweeting link to these types of documents.

33. Make tweet easy to read – not too many abbreviations.

34. It’s okay to abbreviate if I can still read it.

35. Quit complaining.

36. Consistency in tone, language, style.

37. Stop the profanity – who wants to retweet profanity?

38. Be positive. Nobody likes hanging out with negative Nelly all day.

39. Don’t repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat same tweets tweets tweets all day.

40. Be relevant.

41. Leave a few tweetable nuggets (tweets) as your last few tweets if you are taking off for a few hours or longer.

42. Variety in content tweeted.

43. Share others content.

44. Add value yourself.

45. Talk to me. Social media really is one big conversation, so might as well join in.

46. Share a song.

47. Share a video.

48. Share your favorite quote (quotes are some of the almost retweeted content).

49. Ask me a question.

50. Join a Twitter chat.  I host #GetRealChat at 9pm et Tuesdays. Some of my other favs are #SMManners with @DabneyPorte, #CMChat with @JessicaNorthey, #LinkedInChat with @LinkedInExpert and #BlogChat with @MackCollier

51. If you read an awesome post, let author know you liked it via a tweet.

52. Include the authors name in the retweet via their Twitter handle

53. Include a link to the original authors name if you find post syndicated on another site

54. Don’t take yourself too seriously, it’s just a tweet

55. Have fun!


Your Turn

What retweet ninja tips do you have? If you got em’, share em’!


Join The Conversation

  • Jan 8 Posted 4 years ago zaken5000

    It was looking boring when I started reading it. But after sometime it occurred to me quite interesting ... Thanks for posting it. dcu servers

  • Jan 8 Posted 4 years ago zaken5000

    great tips saormaru Saormaru@dcu servers

  • Oct 26 Posted 4 years ago chrislentzy

    I only recently noticed the massive spikes in traffic from twitter when you get retweeted.  Obviously its something to aim for and thats what lead me to this article.  I still find it difficult to get it right as what appeals to one person doesnt appeal to another.  I have however shared this article on Twitter.  I'll let you know if I got RT'd.  Thanks, Chris

  • May 12 Posted 5 years ago geronimos

    Great tips there, but I do think that the most important thing in getting retweets is having an already established audience, or if you are at the beginning of the road, get some friends with a couple hundread of twitter folowers to retweet your content.

     This way, even if you have a mediocre news you might still get some retweets because people know your friends, and this can go on indefinitely until your tweet becomes viral :).


    Alex@jocuri cu masini

  • Dec 27 Posted 5 years ago Bigpinots

    Great list Pam but, as Spofcher says, #48 needs more clarification. What's with quotes? Why are they popular? I just don't get the attraction. Personally, I unfollow anyone who posts a lot of quotes. If I want a quote, I'll get one from a quote book. Please, as social media "experts", let's not encourage more quotes.

  • Eric Swensson's picture
    Dec 8 Posted 5 years ago Eric Swensson

    I kinda like some auto DMs. Anyone?


  • Mark Cunningham's picture
    Dec 8 Posted 5 years ago Mark Cunningham

    Great list and well written.  I get your drift!   I hadn't thought about #12, leaving room for a re-tweet, great idea. After souring on Klout, I embarked on a  90-day a study on this topic and found your points #14 & #15 to be directly responsible for my increased reach.  Critical reading is everything and increased my own level of creative engagement.

    14. Add a comment to the end of the tweet (this will require you actually read the content you are tweeting).

    15. READ the content you tweet a link to (BTW, I don’t tweet anything that I have not read!)


    I will look into that StumbleUpon comment next.  Thanks again. 


    Mark @cunningham_mark

  • evictorino's picture
    Dec 8 Posted 5 years ago evictorino

    I believe in the part of share value or add value! I exprience my post retweet by other twitter users because of the value I'm providing with them

  • Dec 7 Posted 5 years ago jocnou

    wow you are the guru of how to get retweteed on tweeter, good for you!jocuri

  • Dec 7 Posted 5 years ago spofcher

    Pam - A  great list.

    I would add to #48 - Not too may quotes

    #56 No SSP: Shameless Self Promotion. At least not too much

    #57 Don't connect your tweets to Linkedin.  A good way to get unFollowed and unLinked

    #58 PIF: Pay It Forward. Was called karma in the past. Help people with their questions, problems, etc. What goes around, comes around. 

  • Bruce Canales's picture
    Dec 6 Posted 5 years ago Bruce Canales

    No it's not just you. it's pretty common. Facebook is a place where you share more personal information or personal news and Twitter is a quick newsfeed. I get a lot more retweets than I do shares on FB.

    Off topic but has anyone tried the new StumbleUpon? I like it..

  • Dec 5 Posted 5 years ago MetroFax

    Maybe it's just me, but I feel like people are much more likely to RT a tweet on TWitter than "share" something on Facebook. Any idea why this is? Anyone think the opposite?

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