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6 Content Strategies to Feed and Grow A Social Community

Content -- with quality, relevance and freshness -- is essential to engage audiences on social media. Engaging content adds brand value, conveys that you care enough about your customers to keep them interested, gives real value to your community and further helps you build an excellent brand experience. So, how can brands ensure that their content engages audiences?

1. Choose Social Channels that Work for You

Starting an account on every available social channel just because others are doing can lead to failure. Choose social channels that are relevant to your business objectives; for example if you’re looking to promote your B2B business, a LinkedIn account could be more useful than other accounts. Also, monitor where your audiences are primarily active on and reach out to them on these platforms.

2. It’s Not All About You

Your social page must not become a platform for advertising content. Instead use ways to promote your brand in a subtle and interesting way. An example in this regard is that of Motor Lodge located in Prescott, Arizona. This lodge has generated a fan following of just over 1, 700 for their account on Facebook (as of this writing).

The Lodge posts are not blatant sales pitches but glimpses of activity and life and user experiences at the Hotel. Posts are also not always about the hotel but also about reasons why people should visit Prescott; such posts are not only interesting but also provide valuable information to those planning last-minute trips in which case they’re more likely to book a room at the Lodge.

Motor Lodge also follows another key content strategy –regular content posting. Their content keeps drawing fans, and even if fans are not looking to book a room with the hotel, the constant engagement gives them a trusted brand to look forward to when they need it.  Check out their page here:

3. Focus on Hot Topics

Keep your content as varied as possible yet relevant and interesting for audiences. Include content on trending topics, industry subjects, and other informative articles published on your website or blog. 

4. Post Regularly

Post multiple times in a week. While frequent posting is good, avoid overdoing it. Go with your audience preferences in mind. Do they respond more to weekday posts or weekend posts or do they want posts all days of the week? Change your frequency and time of posting accordingly.

5. Monitor, Review and Recreate

Keep monitoring audience response to your content. Invite their feedback on your content and get to know the type of content they’re seeking from you, through online polls or discussions. Deliver content as per audience specifications.

6. Persist with Your Efforts

Keep going at delivering quality content to derive long-term benefits. As you keep delivering, audiences will come to trust you and even depend on you for quality content. As you develop a rapport with your audience, they’ll be more open about their needs and expectations, which become valuable insights for you to act on. They will come to trust your brand as well.

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