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Tuesday, June 20th

6 Easy Ways to Find Compelling Content for Your Blog

Blogging is simply one of the best things you can do to build your brand. Writing in a blog doesn’t always have to be a time consuming task. The main core of your writing should be to educate and entertain your readers.

Content means value, and you always want to provide your readers with a great deal of value.

I would recommend that you focus your blog around a topic in which you are passionately interested. The huge advantage of basing your blog around your passions is that it will be fun and exciting everyday. Remember – when you do what you’re passionate about, it never feels like work. However, many people often wonder – “How do I keep coming up with content?” Below are 6 easy ways to find compelling content for your blog.

  1. Use Google Alerts. Simply go to: and type in any subject or topic that you’re interested in. Google will send you news alerts when new topics come up about your niche, and then you can pass this information along to the readers of your blog.

    When writing on your blog, think about your readers first. Educate them and entertain them. Your goal is to turn a visitor into a repeat visitor. Using Google Alerts is a good way to keep an eye on what is going on in your industry.

  2. Find PLR Content. You can go to and search for PLR (Private Label Rights) content concerning your niche. PLR are the rights assigned to content in which you are given the legal right to modify the content and claim it as your own. In other words, someone creates the content and gives you the right to take the content, make changes to it, and post it as your own. It’s completely ethical and legal. Some PLR content is free to use; however, other PLR content must be purchased.
  3. Use Social Bookmarking Sites. Go to sites like:,, and Social bookmarking actually is the term that refers to users recommending which topics are most popular with them. Therefore, you can visit these sites and find out what’s popular in your niche. Next, you can visit a few of these popular websites and get ideas for blog content.

    These sites can also be used to generate traffic to your website. When you create a new blog post, submit it to Social Bookmarking sites. Since Social Bookmarking sites get millions of visitors each month, this is a powerful way to increase the traffic to your website.

  5. Use You can go to and type in any topic. Thousands or even millions of websites may come up. You can read a couple of articles on your topic of interest, and then write an article in your own words.
  6. Seek out experts in your industry. Another way to find great content is to seek out people who have already positioned themselves as leaders and have valuable information to share. Go to these experts’ websites. Opt-in to their email lists, and soak it all up. Learn as much as possible. The more you learn, the more content you’ll have to share with others.
  7. Go to There are thousands of articles listed on You can search for articles in your niche. Read a few of them, and then write an article in our own words.

    Ezinearticles is a platform for experts in over 600 niche markets who share their expertise in the form of short articles for the benefit of having access to the tens-of-millions of monthly visitors that the site receives. Ezinearticles’ members submit their best quality original articles in exchange for being able to post a resource box, with a link back to their website at the bottom of each article. This link brings traffic back to their website.

    Therefore, in addition to Ezinearticles being a great place to find content, it’s also another way to get traffic to your website. Once you create a terrific article for your blog, you can submit it on Since Ezinearticles gets millions of visitors each month, this will bring traffic to your website.

I hope these tips have been helpful for you. You should be well on your way to creating valuable content for your blog.

Always remember that the people who spread and share the best content are the ones that will be on top and make the most money with social networking.

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  • Nov 7 Posted 5 years ago Namarketer (not verified)

    The most important thing you wrote was: "Think about your readers first." If you aren't considering your audience, all is lost. My most recent blog, Change Your Ending, referes to how Hollywood makes extreme accomodations for its audiences. ou can view it @

  • Nov 2 Posted 5 years ago Anonymous (not verified)

    Great list, thanks!  There are a couple of places on here that I hadn't heard of.

  • Oct 29 Posted 5 years ago Holly Kile (not verified)

    Thanks Joy!  So often I work with clients who are just gettin started building their web presence and creating and maintaining a blog is scary for them.  They understand how crucial it is to provide consistent and relevant content to their audience but they are fearful that they will have trouble doing so.  You've provided some easy-to-follow ways for them to integrate this action into their plan seamlessly.  Perfect!

  • Oct 28 Posted 5 years ago Shoaib Ibn Abdullah (not verified)

    Your post covers greatful ideas to find topics of new content. However if a blogger does not know how to apart him from other bloggers who are already noising on the web you should read a fantastic article about how to make a great article which stands you out from the crowd. You can read this 5 Ways to Write Better Blog which Reflects You

  • Oct 25 Posted 5 years ago PLR (not verified)

    I agree with the PLR article suggestion. PLR articles get a bad rap much of the time because there are a lot of sites that are run by overseas writers who speak English as a second language. But, there's no reason to settle for bad PLR. There is also plenty of great PLR out there written by professionals. And, a quick rewrite of a couple of key points will make the content unique. It's a good time saver and it's a money saver as well. Even if you have to take a few minutes to tweak each one, you're still coming out ahead when it comes to time and money.

  • Oct 24 Posted 5 years ago Tin Dizdarevic (not verified)

    Hi Joy,

    Just wanted to let you know of Zemanta, a greal tool that helps bloggers find and add compelling content to their blog posts. Bloggers can add related content such as images, related articles and links and tags that help SEO optimization. This all happens as bloggers are creating their content without having to leave their blogging platform.

  • Oct 24 Posted 5 years ago Francois Painchaud (not verified)

    Compelling content from PLR articles? I strongly disagree with the points mentioned. Rewriting content found or posting some PLR articles is "writing to put content", it's not writing to build a brand... This is the old way of thinking that may have worked 3 years ago. 

    If you want to have "compelling content" write your opinions, give good tips and tricks... Don't post content that has been posted a hundred times (maybe much more!) before. And if you don't have time to do so, hire a copywriter.

  • Oct 24 Posted 5 years ago Social Media Fundi (not verified)

    Excellent article. Most of these ideas are nothin new but great nonetheless. I particularly liked your tip on using Google alerts, very nice.



  • Oct 24 Posted 5 years ago Bre (not verified)


    I also came across this cool idea at LinchpinSEO about using the editorial calendars of talk shows to generate content. It's an interesting and out of the box idea.

    You can read it here.

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