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6 Important Mobile App Features for Your Business

6 Important Mobile App Features for your Business

Mobile App Features

From small businesses to large scale corporate companies, Mobile has become the latest frontier. Entrepreneurs now seem to delve more into building a mobile application for their business instead of investing in a mobile friendly version of their website.

The mobile app world offers countless applications, but generating an application that actually adds value to your business is the major challenge. Some applications actually facilitate in creating great revenue for their businesses. Here are 6 important mobile application features that every business must consider.

1 – Social Integration

Integrating social media sharing has become a necessity for every mobile application. The crowd over social media will share almost everything they feel passionate about. Use Facebook or any other social media platform to allow your user to sign up, like, comment or share posts about various events, making it simple for the users to remain engaged with your application.

2 – Allow Customization

Make sure that the users feel safe and comfortable using your app. Allow them to customize the app the way they like it, by choosing colors, fonts and most importantly if it happens to be a social application, allow them to get a strong hand on the privacy settings. This way it gives users the opportunity to alter the application to the way they like it.

3 – Eliminate Clicks

Once you have the user on your application, to make sure that they stay, be keen about eliminating every unnecessary click or tap from your application. Try to ask minimum amount of information from the user. Often the hassle of detailed signing up diverts their interest. You only have a small window to engage the user, and if they have a bad experience, they are definitely not going to try again.

4 – Include Analytics

For small businesses, the ultimate requirement is to track and identify their user’s actions and experience. The best way to achieve that is by integrating a system of analytics into your mobile application. Tracking and analyzing their experience is more important for your business rather than a handful of data that does not pay off. Gathering relevant data will only help encourage better updates and functionality.

5 – Maintain Relevancy

Your business app should provide content that is impossible to gain from your website. You need to focus on publishing information that is relevant and adds value to the user’s experience. Over a hundred business apps are successful at virtually representing their business, but lose the game while promoting the product/services they intend offer through the application. Try to deliver a rich experience and beyond.

6 – Feedback system

Getting feedback from the user has proved to be very helpful for many businesses. First of all, giving your users a chance to give feedback makes them comprehend the humble personality of your brand. Secondly it is the easiest way to get suggestions and criticism from the users which will help you to shape the future of your application.


In the end, every business — big or small — will eventually need to develop a mobile app to allow customers to reach them from wherever they are. Its surprising how tapping into some of your phone’s lesser known features can facilitate an engaging connection with your customers.


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  • Syed Noman Ali's picture
    Nov 18 Posted 3 years ago Syed Noman Ali

    Glad you all liked the post, and I am very happy to see your feedback :)

  • Oct 18 Posted 3 years ago Alejandro Lamot...

    I Believe that we are overloaded of apps, I have a bumuch that now I do not remember what are for.

    we need to develop what I call ISB (Interactive Smart Books)

    Where the user after downloading it can have a window to all of the info you want to share with him or her, including access to all the apps you want them to have, accesses to videos, imaging including panoramic photos and videos, Augmented Reality and of course geting all the metrics required to gather the right info from th

  • Ehtesham Shaikh's picture
    Oct 17 Posted 3 years ago Ehtesham Shaikh

    Interesting and trendy article !! As per current scenarioMobile App Development plays a vital role in the success of any business.

    Every App which is developed for a business purpose should be distinct from other, best for user experience, avoid complications and mustfulfill all the expectations of the user.

  • Oct 15 Posted 3 years ago charansingh

    Hi Syed Noman Ali,

    Great article, these are best mobile app features for a business. But I want to add one more app for business.

    The name of this app is the FloatyNotes. FloatyNotes is an online/offline notes sharing, file sharing, and document sharing app for Smartphones. You can share multiple notes at a time and edit notes easily. You can keep track of your business, class activities, school, office and household work. These updates will be available to all the users who share the same note.

  • bbmcKinney's picture
    Oct 14 Posted 3 years ago bbmcKinney

    Great article.The most obvious business benefit of mobile technology is that it allows you to keep your business going no matter where you are. As a freelancer or small business owner, if the nature of your work means you’re out of the office or on the road a lot, then mobile business apps can help you by saving you time.

  • Richard_Y's picture
    Oct 13 Posted 3 years ago Richard_Y

    An interesting  article Syed.  Particularly the need for customization and reducing clicks.

    I'd also add in the need for off-line versions.  

    To many mobile apps are lazy apps, simply being "skins" which redirect to a website.  Developers should look to the examples set by Evernote and Dropbox, and their background sync mechanisms.

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