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6 Innovative Social Hubs Worth Imitating


The social hub has taken off as the way that social savvy brands are bringing social back to their website and creatively engaging with their audience.

Here are 6 of the best social hubs that you should be imitating:

Belkin  - Integrating User-Generated Content as a Sales Device


Last year Belkin created one of the coolest, most customizable iPhone cases in a partnership with Lego that had Lego studs on the back of the case. Belkin integrated a social hub into the product page to showoff the creativity of their customers and how each one was able to personalize their case.

The integration of user-generated content onto a product page as a way to help sell a product is a fantastic use of a social hub. It allowed Belkin to let its customers do the selling for them, showing potential customers how cool the case could be in a very authentic and organic manner.


Hood To Coast  - Chronicling a Social Journey

Social Hub Journey

The Hood to Coast race is truly one of a kind: a 199 mile race with over 1000 racing teams and 12,000 participants. That is a lot of people and a lot of social moments spread over 199 miles. The Hood to Coast social hub aggregated the social journey online so friends, family, and fellow racers could follow along and see where each team was in the race.

Even after the race is over, the social hub was a fantastic way to scroll through the posts and see how different teams progressed through the race and shared their special moments. 

Rockefeller Center - Celebrating an Occasion

Social Hub microsite

Unique events like the christmas tree lighting at the Rockefeller Center in New York City were made for social hubs to capture all the social media content being produced. The Rockefeller Center created a microsite to aggregate the moments that the people in attendance shared on Instagram, Vine, and Twitter.

The event and social hub were such a hit that the hashtag #rockcenterxmas was trending on Twitter in New York City and saw over 80,000 people use the hashtag.

Kenneth Cole  - Creating a Contest

Social Hub Contest

To celebrate it’s 30th anniversary, Kenneth Cole created a dynamic social hub with the #30Yrsbold hashtag (as well as 3 additonal hashtag) to represent the brand’s cultural and social boldness. They aggregated social content from Twitter, Instagram, and Vine and used it drive engagement and encourage fans to participate and share their own brand experiences.

Kenneth Cole encouraged participation in the campaign with a hashtag sweepstakes where fans could win a $500 gift card as well as a customized prize like a street-style photo shoot or a night out in NYC with a special gallery tour. The social hub was an excellent vehicle to let fans know what the best content looked like and encouraged them to try and make even better content so they could win the prizes.

The campaign was recently recognized as one of the best social media campaigns of 2013.

Oregon Ducks - Promoting their Sport Teams & Student-Athletes

Oregon Ducks Quack Cave

The Oregon Ducks made news in 2012 when they launched the Quack Cave, college athletics' first social media command center to track chatter and push content across a variety of platforms. The online home of the Quack Cave is a unique social hub that has multiple hubs within it and gives visitors the ability to pick their favorite sport and see the curated content associated with that team.

The Ducks do something a little different from other collegiate sports teams in that they actively promote the tweets and photos of their current student-athletes. While many people are happy to learn more about their favorite football or basketball players, it can be a double-edged sword when these young student-athletes naively post inappropriate or offensive content which can reflect poorly on the university.

 CFDA  - Curating Content by Color


The CFDA, a nonprofit fashion council, created a social hub to aggregate social content around the popular New York Fashion Week. What sets this social hub apart from others is that the content is organized by color, with posts clustered together based off the primary color in the social posts. As visitors scroll through the hub, they see the groups of pink content, then blue, and green, etc, giving the impression that all these various pieces of social media content from different people on different platforms are apart of one integrated campaign!


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