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6 Must Read Posts about the ROI of Social Media

Here are 5 of the best posts I've read recently (and some not so recently) about the ROI of social media. I think while we're all continuing to think a lot about this issue, it's becoming less and less about simply proving our case to the powers that be and more and more about finding a simple, replicable system for what's worth measuring and why. For the association industry, measuring engagement is one significant piece of this puzzle, but all nonprofits still have businesses to run and it's worth having a look at what some smart people have said about it all.

These are in date order.

NTEN — The Three Dimensions of Social Media ROI

The BrandBuilder Blog — Defining Social Media ROI once and for all, and understanding the action-reactive-return narrative

Adam Cohen (A Thousand Cuts) — The Basics of Social Media ROI

Social Computing Journal — Measuring Social Media ROI: Does size matter?

BrandSavant — What's Wrong With Social Media Marketing Strategy

Jacob Morgan — The Importance of a Social Media ROI Diagnostic

Let us know what you think of these, and if you have other links to share or ideas about how to measure the ROI (or ROE) of social media in a way that can be shared easily throughout the industry. I'm sure someone out there has had to do some kind report for their Board where you had to organize all the quantitative and qualitative data in some way that makes a good business case… :)

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