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6 Secrets to Boost Web Traffic Without Marketing


Building a website is an easier task but receiving website traffic and converting it into money is trickier. I am sure you agree with my point. What is your business goal? Well, it should be striving towards a consistent business growth. But have you planned any strategy to upturn your website traffic? How about centering on conventional link building process for generating website traffic? Let I can bet, you can look forward for maximum number of potential consumers.  

As we know online marketing is important for running a successful business, however I can share a few secrets that help you to double your website traffic without having to do a bit of marketing. You are certainly very curious at this point in time, isn’t it? Here are a few tricks to implement on your online venture without the need of marketing.

Work on the long-tail variation:

It’s time that you that you stop aiming at generic keywords and start emphasize on long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are easier to rank and convert at a much higher rate. But is there a way to boost the exposure to long-tail variations to upsurge your website traffic? Well, yes there is-

Identify the long-tail modifier-

Make use of the Google Keyword tool to make a note of all long-tail variation and also check the bottom of the search results where Google lists all the related searches.

Work these modifiers into your page copy-

Once a particular page is improved, there is need to insert each long-tail search phrase verbatim into the page. Instead start working on the exceptional variation.

Rich snippets should be used:

To radically maximize website traffic using Snippet is a great idea as they add important value to an organic listing in search engine results. A rich snippet is nothing but a summary of the data that a consumer sees on a web page. Such data comprise of information regarding your product’s review count, price and the availability of your products and services.  If you want your visitors to take a quick look at a particular product without visiting your site, Snippets help them to gain an insight about the detail of the products.

Such activity can increase the number of clicks to your page up to 33%. If you still don’t believe it, start comparing it with ad-spending and marketing budget by 30% and see how incredibly powerful snippet is. It drastically enhances real estate on the page for better visibility, mends the appearance of listing and offers plenty of important information to the users. If you want to verify what your visitors are verifying in your site Snippets help you to accomplish such task. So when the users click through your web pages, they tend to stick around. Such process will automatically maximize the user’s time on site and minimize bounce rate.

Your Meta titles and description should be compelling:

Meta title and Meta descriptions-they are such elements that determine how your web page appears in search results. To drastically drive web traffic use exclusive title and a short and meaningful product description. The description should be informative, clear and straightforward. If they are boring, it will never make that convincing reason to click through your page. Make your primary keywords highlighted in the title and description. However, make sure they should match naturally with the other aspects of your content.

You can think of the way advertisements are written while you write the title and description. This is crucial because it is the highlighted title and Meta description that help you in your unique selling proposition (USP). It also help your customers to know your proficiency and the reason as why they should shop from your site.

Influence the internal links:

It is always vital to get links from other web pages. However such internal links should be optimized to help search engines identify which pages on your website are the most crucial and add value. Internal links allow your visitors reach your website easily and understand every aspect of the site. It is possible to get website visitors from point A to point Z through internal links, in an effective way possible without the fear of losing them midway through the navigation.

Here are a few tips that you may follow-

  • Most importantly arrange a list of high-value pages you want to rank better
  • You should primarily recognize those pages on your website that have the maximum authority
  • Get a link added from the authority page to the target page
  • Integrate links to the authority page by using anchor text related to the keyword you want the target page to rank for.

Once you device the above steps, search engines start relating the significant pages with your keywords and list those pages higher in search rankings.

Hold authorship markup and video thumbnail:

With Google authorship benefits you can make your search engine listing more alluring. With Google authorship you can associate your site content with your Google+ profile. Your Google profile image along with other profile data and statistics is then taken into consideration for search engine results for the content you author. The attached author images and profile information will prevent the chance of spam content concern.

Similarly, use video thumbnails which are embedded videos of a page and appear along a page listing. However, you may need to build a video sitemap for Google to make a video thumbnail. Video-thumbnails work just like product-based snippets and can increase the click through rate of the allied pages.

The search engine optimization:

Optimizing search engine is considered as one of the most effective way to upsurge traffic to your website. This is because it does not cost anything. If your website happens to hold the highest ranking for even a less popular search term, it can gain several visitors every month.

Well, isn’t that quite surprising to see how traffic can be generated without marketing? I am sure you haven’t thought of the ways as mentioned above. Well, I am sure executing these six secrets can supply maximum web traffic required to realize your business goals.

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