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6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Mobile Marketing Awesomesauce


Online shopping and research is now the norm for a growing number of smartphone users.

Mobile traffic on smartphones is up 103%, and there is no reason to believe that it will slow down any time soon. Mobile use is happening in a big way, but the problem is that while many of us see it increasing, we don’t feel like there is a lot that we can do about addressing it for our marketing.

There are, however, a few simple things that you can to do to increase your mobile presence in a big way.


1. Go Where The Search Is

Think about it. You’re sitting on the couch and you think of that thing that we forgot to pick up when you were out and about in town. It is easy to reach for your phone or couch-ready tablet. We all tend to take the path of least resistance, and in moments like these the best Internet device is the one that is closest to us. Having a focused content marketing campaign and a well-built website is absolutely key  in winning with mobile.

2. Optimize That Inbox

The viewing and reading of email is the third most popular activity when it comes to mobile shopping. The smartphone is the new Inbox, and our emails need to be ready to serve this audience. It’s vital to think in terms of smaller screens. This means skinny emails, big fonts, and large images. Optimize, optimize, optimize.

3. Research Is The Name Of The Game

A painful reality for store owners is that smartphones have introduced a powerful tool for shoppers on the go. Customers are now checking prices and reading reviews, right inside your store. This may be upsetting, but it IS a reality. You need to embrace it, and find creative ways to meet the challenge head on. Competitive pricing, quality product, and focus on a new level of customer service has never been more vital. Top-notch service goes a long way.

Everyone has a mobile website, whether they planned for it or not.

4. Do a Location Refresher

Getting directions to a location or store is one of the most popular shopping activities on mobile devices. The question is, what are you doing to help capture this mobile traffic? Perhaps, it would be a good time to do a location marketing refresher to improve your mobile streetview.

5. Add Product Information And Images To Your Website

With the increase in mobile visits, images are increasingly important. Maintaining an online inventory or menu is necessary to attract visitors that are preparing for a visit. These detailed product pages will also improve your search presence.

6. Remember, You Already Have A Mobile Website

Everyone has a mobile website. By that I mean that your customers are already viewing your email and site on their mobile devices whether you are ready for them or not. Most websites, however, aren’t truly ready for mobile. While we can view any website on our smartphone, many of them aren’t very easy to use and don’t look good on the smaller screen. As mobile becomes more prevalent, the mobile visitor is getting more and more particular about the mobile websites that they use. Having a mobile-optimized site is crucial to marketing effectiveness in this mobile age.

What ways have you planned for mobile use in your marketing plan?


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  • Sammy Mac's picture
    Aug 30 Posted 4 years ago Sammy Mac

    I hate the word awesomesauce.

  • samrowe22's picture
    Aug 29 Posted 4 years ago samrowe22

    Hey Julie, I hear ya when you speak of in-store product research being done by consumers on a more regrular basis. I wrote a bit on this subject myself, I'd love to get some feedback, ou should join the conversation!

  • Aug 29 Posted 4 years ago CoffyGroup

    I am in total agreement with all points you presented, Julie. Optimizing for mobile should come hand in hand when you market your brand and business. It is essential that you consider all factors and choose the right keywords and have them stand out to be accessible and readable for tablets and smartphones. Thanks for sharing!

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