6 Social Ways to Show Your Love on Mother's Day

happy mother's day!There more ways to show moms mad love on social media than there are web pages in existence (and that’s more than a trillion). Don’t worry if your mom isn’t active on social networks, there are plenty of ideas that don’t involve sending a tweet.

Create a custom made image with mom’s favorite quote.

Use a site, like Recite This from your web browser or an app, like Over from your smartphone. Add in mom’s favorite quote and select a background that fits her personality. When it’s done you can email or text it, upload the photo to a social network and tag her in it or change it to your profile photo for the entire day.

Send an instant gift

If you ran out of time to mail a card, then you can still give an instant gift to mom. Facebook offers a service called Facebook Gifts for those connected on the network. Select one of the products available in their gift store, select your mom as a recipient and pay for it. Mom will be instantly notified that a gift is on the way. In a few days, she’ll have Facebook gifts or with new gift-giving app, Jifiti.

Create a special slideshow of pictures with your mom

You don’t need any videography skills to create a professional looking slide show. If you have an Apple device, like an iPhone or iPad, download the Ptch app. It’s developed by the folks at Dreamworks, so you know you’re getting a high quality product. The slideshows you create come complete with music, slide transitions and, of course, the ability to share on social networks.

Use Instagram to remind you to call mom

This simple hack using Internet productivity service IFTTT works with Instagram and your phone. Whenever you add the hashtag #mom to one of your photos, it will trigger a pre-written text message to be sent to you. The default for this hack reminds you to call mom and say, “I love you,” but you can change it to whatever you’d like.

Search well known brands’ social media profiles

Do a simple search of “Mother’s Day” or go direct to your favorite brands’ profiles. Chances are, many are offering deals and discounts. An easy way to save a few bucks while still showing your devotion. 1-800-FLOWERS has an exclusive Facebook discount for 20% off all orders.

Find a cool event or book a table (even last minute)

Impress mom this year with a cool event you think she’d like or brunch at her favorite restaurant. Not sure where to look for an event? Test out the new Tabeso app. You can search for events and send an invite to mom while adding it directly to your calendar. And, if you need to find a reservation, use OpenTable.

Are you going social with Mother’s Day this year? Tell us how you plan to contact your mom.

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