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6 Steps to Becoming a Good Social Listener

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  • Apr 24 Posted 2 years ago TSB Supply Chain

    A key point which fits at the heart of this is making use of the hashtag. Hashtags are still a valuable tool to filter through the content to enable the right message to get across and can be used pro-actively to listen to what other businesses have to say on social media channels.

    Have a read of this article giving advice to small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Aine Doris's picture
    Mar 19 Posted 2 years ago Aine Doris

    Bryan - interested in the data you have pulled from Anderson Analytics. Do you know if they make any of their reports freely available?

    Thanks for this article - point 5 is a good one. Listening is crucial, but so too is having your response protocol ready.

  • Mar 18 Posted 2 years ago jetisimo

    Very interesting post, Bryan! I completely agree with you on all points. 

    One thing I would add though is that the goals of a social listening program could be different because listening to your customers can help you improve various aspects of your business, not only to engage.

    In order to be consistent and focused, I would add one point in the very beginning - to clearly define the goal(s) of your social listening program. What do you want to achieve with it? Being clear on what do you want to achieve with your social listening program will help you define better your next steps, such as defining the right search strategy (location, time period, search terms, etc.) and the right tool(s) for you. 


  • Debi Davis's picture
    Mar 18 Posted 2 years ago Debi Davis

    When identifying your audience (Step 1 in this post), be careful not to depend too much on traditional demographic descriptors such as age and gender.  A more reliable guide would be social or psychographics -- trends related to interests and engagement preferences.

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