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6 Things to Know About Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management tool intended to make your life easier. It makes it easy and less time-consuming to manage several different social media accounts, 6 Things to Know About Hootsuiteincluding regular posting and commenting, all from a single dashboard. If you’ve never tried Hootsuite for your business, here are 6 things you need to know:

  1. Hootsuite can help you save time. If you’ve had trouble keeping up with your social media accounts, Hootsuite can help. Instead of logging into multiple accounts and updating multiple pages, you can log into the Hootsuite dashboard to schedule posts and updates. This leaves you more time to do other things. 
  2. Hootsuite can help you with monitoring. If you want to monitor mentions of your brand, your competition or industry specifics, you can use Hootsuite to do it.
  3. Hootsuite can make communicating with your team much easier. You don’t have to leave your dashboard and go to another site, send an email, call a meeting, or pick up the phone to communicate with your team. Instead, you can use Hootsuite Conversations right from your dashboard to collaborate with members of your team, everyone in your office, or your entire company. Add anyone you want to your conversation.
  4. Hootsuite can help you monitor the results you get from social media efforts. This is very important, as you need to know what is working and what isn’t, so you can strategize and make the smartest moves going forward. Hootsuite can help you monitor such things as page views, likes, followers, comments, referrers and link popularity. If you need to check bounce rates, shares, and daily growth data, this tool will provide that as well. It will even allow you to analyze your fans based on such characteristics as gender, language and region.
  5. Hootsuite makes it easy to manage complex publishing plans. You can use it to publish targeted messages to different portions of your network, cross-post messages across various accounts, publish to a single social media platform, reblog content, and more.
  6. Hootsuite makes it easy to delegate. As your social media empire grows, it may get harder for you to manage it on your own. You can use Hootsuite to delegate certain tasks, including responding to comments and posts, to other members of your social media team. All your team member has to do is log on to see which tasks you have assigned to him.

The Hootsuite features you have available to you depend on the plan you select. There’s an always-free version that lets you work with 5 profiles but has the fewest features and a pro version that allows you to manage up to 50 profiles and offers more features. Then, there’s the enterprise plan that provides the most features and lets you work with an unlimited number of social media profiles and a horde of team members.

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  • Mar 31 Posted 3 years ago Abhijit Gupta

    Wow! Great listing of resources out there. Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic through social media sites. It is very helpful today. Thanks for sharing such useful social media tools.

  • Christina Strickland's picture
    Sep 25 Posted 3 years ago Christina Strickland

    Thanks, Aiden.  I'm a huge fan of Hootsuite--I love being able to manage my clients' (and my own) social networks with ease and I also love the "teams" feature.

  • aidenruse's picture
    Aug 29 Posted 3 years ago aidenruse

    It is awesome tool....& could really be useful. Thanks for great article

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