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6 Tips for an Effective Pinterest Strategy

Most people think that an effective Pinterest strategy is only necessary for B2C ecommerce companies. 


While you should certainly consider having a solid Pinterest strategy in place if you are a B2C ecommerce company, there are many other companies that are seeing significant results from Pinterest.

In fact, according to Piqora, on average, a pin generates 78 cents in sales.  (Up 25% from Q4 in 2012.)

That’s on average.  I’m sure many B2C ecommerce companies with effective Pinterest strategies generate more than that.

But how?!

How can you create a Pinterest strategy that generates YOUR company money?

Consider these six factors when creating your Pinterest strategy:

  1. Your competition.  Do some research.  What are your competitors doing on Pinterest?  Get inspiration from some of their boards.  Obviously you want to be unique but it’s always a good starting point to take a look around at what others are doing.  Especially if you are just getting on Pinterest for the first time.
  2. Brand awareness.  Before setting out on Pinterest you should know your brand inside and out.  It is so easy to get distracted on Pinterest. So easy.  With a lot of intriguing images to look at it can be easy to get away from your brand and start pinning pictures of cute puppies.
  3. Your pins.  What are you going to pin? Obviously you will have a board or boards to market your product or service but you also want to get creative. After you’ve done your research take a good look at your company. Have several creative boards in mind to start. What boards do you pick?!Consider these questions:
    What makes your company unique?
    Is it your staff?
    The city you work in?
    The pets you allow your workers to bring in to the office?
    What inspires you and your brand?Keep in mind, you should have a good mix of your own images as well as “repins” of other popular, intriguing pins to drive traffic to your Pinterest account.
    effective pinterest strategy

    A pin board of Melissa Leiter blog content.

  4. Link to your website. This is the key to eventually generating that money per pin. For any image that you pin that is your own, make sure there is a link back to your website.
  5. Content. On top of intriguing images that you are linking back to your website, having a solid content strategy is also crucial for generating revenue with Pinterest.  Creating a board of your blog content is a winning idea.  As is creating a board of other content offers you feature on your website.  Remember, you should always be thinking, “What’s the next step?” Someone sees your pin and then what? Get them to the bottom of the funnel and make that sale!
  6. Your profile. This seems obvious, but is crucial. Complete your profile with a short and concise description of your company and what a visitor might find on your Pinterest page.  Then, make sure you have a verified link back to your website.  You’re also able to include links to your other social networks.

If you aren’t a B2C ecommerce company, Pinterest might not be your go-to place when originally setting out to decide what social platforms you may want to be on.

That’s okay.  As your overall social strategy becomes stronger, it may be something to consider.  In which case, make sure you follow these tips to make it worth your while!

What concerns you the most about getting started with Pinterest?

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  • Cat Fyson's picture
    Feb 17 Posted 3 years ago Cat Fyson

    Hi Melissa

    Great post, and completely agree about knowing your brand inside out. It will make generating ideas much easier, and will filter out the weaker ideas that do not match

    I also agree that creating a board of your blog content is good, but I would also argue that it is valuable to shape some of your blog content around pinnable topics and pin the post to a topic based board. 


    I have recently created a post on generating Pinterest content to grow your brand which expands on your point about Content if you want to take a look:


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