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6 TV Series That Integrate Social Media With Their Broadcast

tv social integration

Social media has grown drastically over the past few years; so much that TV shows have integrated social media in their broadcasts to jumpstart discussions while the show is airing. Some TV shows take social media even farther than the simple hashtag to encourage audience participation and promotion while airing. Interested in discovering how these shows find success through this technique? Read on to learn more.

1. Dancing With the Stars

Dancing With the Stars has taken a modern approach to social media over the last few seasons. The show shares live Tweets on-screen after each performance. What's more, they've partnered with Facebook to show real-time data regarding which dancers are generating the most buzz in the online community. This simple technique pushes more viewers to join in the conversation and to add their votes to the data.

2. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory uses social media in a way that helps promote the show and get fans actively involved. Here are just a few examples of how they do this.

  1. The producers use Facebook to display teasers for upcoming episodes to get the fans psyched. Once the show airs, they repost the photo with the dialogue from the show to promote even more fan engagement.
  2. The show uses the GetGlue app so that fans can check in and let their friends know they're watching.
  3. Fans can also earn rewards for liking, sharing, and following the show, a tactic that effectively promotes the series.

These simple methods of involving the audience push viewers to watch the show, engage in conversation, and promote each episode.

3. Bones

Bones has taken a new approach to solving crimes. Today, fans engage in online conversations during the show to help solve the mystery. Using Twitter as their main platform, the show's social media gurus reply to Tweets while maintaining an open dialogue. Fans can vote for their favorite moment, get extra material, and help solve the crime via social media. This is a successful technique of getting audience members interested not only in each episode's mystery but in the series itself.

If you're not yet watching Bones on Fox, perhaps its time to get on board. If you don't have access to the show when it airs, consider signing up for a new TV provider to watch shows like this for an affordable price.

4. The X Factor

The X Factor uses social media to engage their audience in several ways.

  1. They allow fans to vote via Twitter.
  2. They use real-time social data on-air.
  3. They utilize social media on their social hub website.

The X Factor has seen incredible success through these social media efforts. After integrating hashtags and social media data on air, their Twitter activity shot up 600 percent, which earned them 3,667 Tweets per minute.

5. Person of Interest

The producers of CBS's Person of Interest have taken their social media tactics to a whole new level, encouraging fans to submit their photos via Facebook for a chance to see their photo appear on the show. Even if your photo doesn't end up on the show, you can still have fun with the app since it delivers a "threat level" score. This fun app gets fans more interested in the series by fueling their love for the show off-screen.

6. Face-off

Syfy's Face-off takes a unique approach to using social media as a marketing technique. Instead of featuring live Tweets during the show, they monitor the Tweets during the first run of the episode. An hour later for the rerun, they feature Tweets from the fans. This gets the fans to watch the episode again to see if their Tweet shows up, and they call this tactic a "Tweet-peat."

While there are plenty of great shows to watch, these are best at promoting audience participation and expanding their fan base. Clearly the world of television and social media are converging, and other shows are going to have to adopt these tactics if they want to keep up.

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  • Mar 18 Posted 3 years ago Sebastian Jansson

    Great article, illustrates how important social media is for TV these days. I believe that it will become even more evident in the future, as we all have seen the decline in viewership in television. 

    I was wondering what you think about the Walking Deads use of social media?



  • danmag's picture
    Mar 16 Posted 3 years ago danmag

    One show that should be top of this list is WWE Raw. I know people shy away from Professional Wrestling buy I urge you to see how well they integrate Social Media into their programming. They constantly top the list of Trends while their shows are on and all their performers are very active. Fans can vote on match stipulations and change the outcome of the show. It is a job well done and I have not seen any other show embrace Social Media, mainly Twitter, as they have.

  • Mar 16 Posted 3 years ago Madhava Verma D...

    Good list. How effective these TV shows are using the social media to brand themselves easily. Recently i seen Walking dead also doing it.


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