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6 Ways to Better Promote Your Business on Pinterest

According to recent studies, 32% of U.S. online shoppers have made at least one purchase based on the product images that they have seen on Pinterest and other photo services. The study also reported that another 37% of consumers have seen some products that they would like to buy on websites like Pinterest, but have not yet made a purchase.

Business on Pinterest

So How To Promote Your Products on Pinterest? Here are 6 tips to help you:

1. Take original photos

If you look closely at images on Pinterest you'll find that many of the most popular ones are the original photos taken by users. These are exactly those photos which other users often “like” and “publish” on their pages. Standard photos from a manufacturer catalogue don’t do for Pinterest.

Before creating your own images explore other users’ popular photos: how they are made, what exactly Pinterest users like in these pictures. Look, what photos on your subject are published by users on Pinterest.

2. Mark the photos added by other people

For successful promotion on Pinterest your images should get in top popular, and you need friends within the platform for that.

Add to your pinboards pictures of other users which have the same subject matter. Meanwhile necessarily divide them into thematic groups. In such way other users will be able to subscribe to your pinboard and see all the new added images.

It is not necessarily to choose only the images which are directly related to your product. Producers of yogurt, for example, publish not only recipes with yogurt, but also images related to fitness, healthy food.

3. Create catalogues of goods

Similarly, you can create catalogues of your popular products on Pinterest, with price indication and link to the product on your website.

4. Arrange contests

Contests connected with photo content are rather popular on Facebook. For Pinterest they are more relevant than ever. Offer your customers to take a picture with the product, to place the photo on the pinboard and send the link to you, or use the special hashtag while publishing.

And then as usual the most “liked” photo wins. Do not forget to declare the interesting and significant prize for the winner.

5. Make your pinboard public

Allow other users to add photos to your pinboards. You can even ask your customers to post photos, for example of things they like, but which are not in assortment in your store.

6. Create photos with special offers

Create a separate pinboard with the possibility to subscribe and place there special offers for social network users. These can be for example exclusive promo codes.

Pinterest has been already chosen by spammers. They place on pinboards photos of the goods of advertised shops with affiliate links. And with the help of bots network that mutually “like” and share these images, they take them on top popularity, receiving real users’ visits to the advertised product’s page.


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