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7 Brands Getting Creative on Vine

brands on vineWith the announcement of Vine now being available for Android devices, it is only a matter of time before the burgeoning social network takes off even more than it already has. As more users and consumers gain access to the video sharing app, it will be interesting to see how brands embrace the platform and roll out creative and innovative campaigns using Vine.

That being said, there are already many forward-thinking brands who have already jumped on the Vine bandwagon, and are doing some very cool, creative and innovative work on there. This is also why we were happy to announce last month that you can now integrate Vine into Postano.

Here’s a look at some of the most creative brands on Vine:

1. Lowes

You might not think a major home improvement store chain would be the ideal candidate for creating must-watch 6 second videos, but Lowes has embraced the Vine platform and created a series of Vines that focus on home improvement and life hack tips using the hashtag “lowesfixinsix.” By using stop-motion animation, Lowes shows customers how to do everything from get out a stubborn screw using a rubber band, to keep a rug from sliding, to how to properly hang a shelf.


2. Urban Outfitters

We’ve written before about how fashion brands are often some of the most innovative when it comes to their marketing and social media campaigns (read Instagram and the Fashion Industry), and many of the same brands who were early adopters of Pinterest and Instagram are now also embracing Vine as part of their marketing strategies.

Urban Outfitters’ Millennial demographic is also a perfect fit for Vine, and they have used the platform extensively to showcase themed videos about products, collaborations (like one they did with Pabst Blue Ribbon), and even dog videos to keep their audience engaged.


3. General Electric

Perhaps another surprising company doing creative work on Vine, General Electric has created some truly inspiring videos as part of their “six second science” in order to showcase the company as a forward-thinking, innovative and science-based brand and company.

While the videos don’t often directly promote GE’s own products, they are engaging, popular and have gained the company followers, fans and plenty of shares.


4. Kate Spade

Yet another fashion brand, Kate Spade has inventively used Vine to not only showcase their own products, but also give brand fans sneak peaks and behind the scenes content that they crave. In addition to weekly posts showing off their own products and different ways to wear their latest fashions, Kate Spade also offers their fans peaks at upcoming campaigns not yet released to the mainstream media.


5. Brooklyn Nets

We’ve written before about how the sports industry and social media go hand-in-hand. With so many die-hard and loyal team (read: brand) fans and advocates who crave content (and produce it themselves), it makes perfect sense to use the power of social media to help propel marketing for sports teams, whether that be at the collegiate or professional level.

The Brooklyn Nets are using Vine to show glimpses of game winning, warm ups, their athletes, and amazing plays.

Read more about sports marketing and social media:


6. A&W Restaurants

A&W launched a campaign this spring starring their mascot, Rooty The Great Root Bear, to introduce their restaurant chain’s new Polar Swirls ice-cream. The campaign featured Rooty performing a series of “magic tricks.”

The campaign launch of Vine also helped to bring back the Rooty mascot, who had disappeared from much of A&W’s marketing in recent years, and he has been used on Vine and other social platforms to help launch new products and hopefully connect to brands.


7. Mail Chimp

It’s a little more challenging for B2B companies to get creative on Vine and connect with their potential customers, while remaining entertaining.  ail Chimp has achieved this through posting entertaining videos, while just including a little something branded in the Vines.

MailChimp shows off their sense of humor, which they also express through their blogs and other social channels, and created their own memem combining their mascot and office dog Maddie standing on things.


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  • Kristina Wiggins's picture
    Jun 10 Posted 4 years ago Kristina Wiggins

    Thanks for sharing how these brands are using Vine! I hope to see more brands using Vine to make their social profiles real and authentic. 

    Here are some content generation ideas gathered  from observing how big brands are using Vine:

    •Holiday Celebrations – Get the team together to have them wish followers happy holidays

    •Team Introductions
    •6 Seconds of a Day in the Office –Give a quick tour or show a typical day of the team hard at work
    •Product features – Give a quick demo of your product in action or showcase it from different angles
    •Announcements – Have a new product set to launch or even a special promotion?
    •“Before” and “After” shots – Take before, during and after shots
    •Conference or Trade Show – Shot of your booth or capture the energy in the room

  • kdietz's picture
    Jun 7 Posted 4 years ago kdietz

    I'm still up in the air about vine.  Not convinced it will be a main stay in social media.  However with big players like lowes and Urban Outfitters jumping on board it may gain legs.

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