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7 CMO-Worthy Resolutions

ImageHere’s a New Year’s fact: 9 out of 10 marketers that don’t make resolutions don’t achieve them!  So, yes, setting goals is a good place to start, but better yet is setting the right goals.  To help you get off the starting blocks in 2014 on the proverbial right foot, here are 7 pulse-pumping profundities from 7 smartly resolved marketers. 

1. Use Marketing to Help Your Customers

Beth Comstock, GE’s long-time CMO, resolves to help GE customers “run their businesses better” by “delivering outcomes via big data and analytics” and encourage “more collaboration and partnership built on community.” Adds Comstock, “We recently expanded our partnership with, which is a good example of the kinds of partnerships in this area.”

2. Focus on the Fundamentals

In her first year as CMO at Jenny Craig, Leesa Eichberger, perhaps not surprisingly, is committed to reinvigorating the brand from the ground up. Noting that Jenny Craig “hasn't been resonating with today's audience to the extent we'd like it to,” Eichberger resolves “to keep a laser focus on the fundamentals: clear and consistent positioning, tight targeting and trackable results.”

3. Find Big Uses for Big Data

Raj Rao, VP of Global eTransformation at 3M, shares a commitment with Comstock to use big data, seeing it as a way “to transform how we play in alternate e-commerce channels like Rakuten, Alibaba and” As he further explains, “3M needs to drive new revenue streams by revisiting its business models to capture revenue streams that are not serviceable in our current distribution and retail channels.” 

4. Swing for the Fences

Kyle Schlegel, CMO at Hillerich & Bradsby, offers a 24-month vision as he completes “the re-launch of the iconic Louisville Slugger brand through the launch of a game-changing 2015 product lineup.” Schlegel hit upon this long-term perspective naturally, given the brand’s 130-year “legendary” history, while also noting his need to break “any relevance barriers that may have been created over the past 5-10 years.”

5. Seek a Consistent Marketing Framework

After being in a similar role at Cablevision, Time Warner Cable Business Class CMO Stephanie Anderson knows well the challenges of marketing to small businesses. Having seen others in the industry bounce from idea to idea, Anderson offers a more steadfast approach: “Top of the list for 2014: be consistent, relevant, and ‘present’ with our customers and prospects.”

6. Think Broadly About Your Business

Elisabeth Charles, CMO of Petco, has the unenviable challenge of fending off both entrenched brick-and-mortar competitors and e-commerce upstarts, who are all competing for share of wallet among finicky pet parents. In the face of this competitive hydra, Charles resolves todevelop a clearer enterprise strategy and place greater priority around digital customer engagement.”

7. When in Doubt, KISS

Jonathan Becher, CMO of SAP, faces a myriad of challenges running a global marketing operation that supports hundreds of countries, vertical markets and product solutions. In the face of this potential complexity, Becher shares the following with all who will listen: “My top new year’s resolution is ‘simplify, simplify, simplify.’”

Final Note: Just in case you were wondering, my top resolution remains to never stop learning. Turns out, I’m in good company with GE’s Comstock, whose personal resolution is to “Go back to university via MOOCs. First up—study philosophy.” Here’s to a brilliantly resolved 2014


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  • John Phanchalad's picture
    Jan 1 Posted 3 years ago John Phanchalad

    great article...!!!!

  • NatalieDOBrien's picture
    Dec 31 Posted 3 years ago NatalieDOBrien

    Great tips - not just for CMO's but for anyone in the marketing department or discipline. Thanks!

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