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7 Reasons You Need to Be Using Google Plus Now

google plus SEO

If you are currently not on Google Plus or not actively using it, I am here to tell you that you will be +1′ing very soon. My short answer for my reason: well, it’s Google..and they are kind of a big deal on the internet. They own 23% of the internet browser market and 70% of the internet search market, and they are also a big deal in mobile, owning 48% of the smart phone market share. I know that most of you are thinking that you already “tweet”, “friend”, “like”, “connect” and “follow” so why should you now start to Plus?

Well, the seven reasons below are just a few of why I think that we all will be using Google Plus within the next year:

1. Google Integration

Think about how often you use Google Search, Chrome, Android, Gmail, Google Maps, Docs, YouTube, Gchat, and Calendar, to name a few Google-owned products. Millions of people use these products every day and if Google Plus is integrated into all of these, which it will be soon, then it might seem unnecessary to leave Google for social networking.

2. Google Plus ‘Hangout’ is pretty cool!

If you haven’t used the Hangout feature in Google Plus you need to give it a shot now! This feature puts G+ miles ahead of Facebook or any other Social Media site when it comes to chatting/messaging. Heck, even President Obama and Conan O’Brien hosted their own Hangouts recently. Inside this feature you can have up to 9 people chatting or video chatting at once, share YouTube videos, create art, play games, or collaborate on a Google Doc project.

3. Google Circles Makes Managing Your Friends Fun and Easy

Let’s be realistic, how many of us really group every one of our friends on Facebook, or any other Social Media site for that matter? On Google Plus, grouping your friends is easy and seems very natural. In fact, you are required to put each new connection into a circle once accepting, so there is no build up or backlog of connections that need to be grouped.

google for social media

4. Privacy and User Data Done Right

We have heard all about how privacy is a big concern on Social Media sites and how user data has been irresponsibly managed. Google has heard those concerns and made sure to make it clear that your personal data is safe. This has been established through the ‘Data Liberation’ tool in Google Plus, where in just a few clicks you can download and permanently remove all your personal data and activities from the site. Even before G+, Google has demonstrated the importance of keeping their user data safe, and how can they not when their company slogan is “Don’t Be Evil”?

5. Higher Rank in Google Search

If you are a business or are trying to market yourself or your brand and are not on Google Plus you are missing out. Your Google Plus profile and business page are included in Google Search results which give you a bump up in the rankings making it easier for others to search and find you.

6. Sharing Made Easy with Sparks

When using sites like Facebook and Twitter you don’t have the ability to search for content or pictures to share on the site itself. You have to open up a new tab or browser search for a link, picture, article, etc…copy the link, and then share. However, with the Sparks tools you can search within Google Plus without having to go to any external sites to find things worth sharing. Then you just need to push the Share button, and that’s it!

7. Facebook + Twitter = Google Plus?

google plus featuresCould Google Plus be the best of both worlds by combining features of Facebook and Twitter to create an all in one Social Media juggernaut? In my opinion, they are very close. We love Twitter because we can quickly see what people are talking about, follow and connect with celebrities/icons. With Facebook, you can upload numerous pictures, personalize your profile and stay up to date and connect with the people you care about. To take on Twitter, Google Plus includes the ‘Explore’ tool which is similar to the the trending view on Twitter where you can see the most popular topics being discussed in real time. Additionally, Google Plus allows you to have the same ability as on Facebook to create detailed profiles whether personal or professional and to share/upload pictures, videos and other content.


How bright or bleak do you feel the future of Google Plus is? Do they have what it takes to compete with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other Social Media sites?

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  • jeenny's picture
    Jun 18 Posted 2 years ago jeenny

    Google Plus is realy usefull if you are trying marketing your brand or doing business. I've been a big fan of Google+, and I found out it was very effective.

    Thanks for share

  • Randy Milanovic's picture
    Nov 30 Posted 3 years ago Randy Milanovic

    G+ beats the heck out of FB for B2B

  • Feb 26 Posted 4 years ago Motivators

    Some excellent points here. Amazed that some businesses are not yet on Google+. Here is a short video that can maybe also help explain the benefits:

  • Deidre Woollard's picture
    Feb 22 Posted 4 years ago Deidre Woollard

    There's so much I like about G+ in terms of the interface but there's also some stuff I don't like including the trending posts (I was much happier once I turned that off). The biggest problem I see is that there is still a lack of strong participation. I know so many people who use/love Gmail but live on Facebook. Does it make sense? Nope. But until that tide turns G+ will be an also-ran.

    While #5 the higher ranking in Google search is great for businesses, I have noticed that my searches on Google are getting increasingly compromised by my own +1s and the +1s of those in my circle. Sometimes I have to log out or use a different browser to break the filter bubble and get to the deeper content. 


  • Mary Grace Viado's picture
    Feb 21 Posted 4 years ago Mary Grace Viado

    I've been a big fan of Google+ and will continue to be an avid user until I don't know when. The feature is just awesome. Actually, I find G+ to be Facebook + Twitter + Linkedin + Skype = Google Plus. All I need to be in social mode is here. The Hangout is an awesome feature where a group can video call at no cost. Skype failed on this one. A post's +1 button is like the 'like button' and you can share. Write a status and hash so it will trend. Professionals are using this social media platform. Don't forget the user's or business' high searchability in search engines. Do I need to ask for more? 

  • Feb 19 Posted 4 years ago Lars Holmgren

    Sorry but I'm not yet convinced about how ingenious G+ is...And trust me, I've tried to find people that I know are on the front edge of new stuff, unfraid and interested. The GUI is not even half way as good as Facebook and, sorry Google, that goes as well for the functionality, navigation etc. No doors are closed and I'll log on every day but it's time to proof you guys, Google that is, have something to offer me as a user...


    (By the way, I'm a Swede living in Sweden, just so that you know...)

  • Saman Kouretchian's picture
    Feb 18 Posted 4 years ago Saman Kouretchian

    Thanks for reading Wesley glad you enjoyed it! Looking forward to checking out your upcoming post!

  • Feb 17 Posted 4 years ago James A

    Hi Saman,

    Thanks for your reply, but you didn't address my question. Can you tell me a Google search on a particular company where I can see their content from Google+ appearing along with the search? "Your Google Plus profile and business page are included in Google Search results.." Looking for an example or a few.



  • Feb 17 Posted 4 years ago WesFloyd

    In is interesting that I came across your post Saman. We have a blog for a Social Media class project( and a fellow classmate of mine, Zach Bailes wrote how Google+ is the 2nd leading social media site and others were commenting how great Google+ is but it just doesn't have the users yet. All seven of you reasons are right on with the features. It is everything that FB and Twitter want to be. Great post, an enjoyable read. We have a post coming up, I may do a trackback to this article as a reference.

  • Saman Kouretchian's picture
    Feb 17 Posted 4 years ago Saman Kouretchian

    Thanks for reading and commenting James! To answer your question there are are couple examples of how Google+ impacts your search ranking: 1. Setting up a Google Authorship - This improves your "trust" score in Google's search algorithm to improve your ranking and also includes your picture from your Google+profile next to your search link in your results. This is more of a personalized view of search and usually leads to higher CTR's. 2. Google's social search - The search algorithm includes personalized search results specifically from Google Plus activity. The more relevant and content-based your Google+ posts are, the more search results you are likely to show up in.

  • Feb 16 Posted 4 years ago James A

    Can you provide some examples of a businesses where their Google+ infomation appears in a Google search? 

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