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7 Steps for Building a Community on Twitter

Twitter provides an excellent channel for marketers as it is “a real-time information network powered by people from around the world” who are interested in discovery and communication.  In order to tap in to this tool, it is important to become an actice participant who consistently adds value to the community. 

Below are 7 Steps for Building a Community on Twitter:

  1. Start with the Basics – Your profile page is your first opportunity to build credibility.  It important to take full advantage of the elements that you can control such as the BIO section, profile picture, background imagery and link. Don’t underestimate the value of your Twitter page appearance – it should reflect your branding guidelines and personality.
  2. Make the Commitment – There is no quick way to build a targeted and loyal community.  In order to be successful, make it a planned activity and set aside time each day to spend 30 to 60 minutes on Twitter participating. 
  3. Know Your Target Audience – It is essential to understand what content is relevant and useful to the individuals you would like to reach, you must take a content approach to growing your community.  Don’t simply make it a numbers game – “the who matters more than the how much”.
  4. Have a Personality –   Remember, it is a community made up of people so include your personality in your tweets.
  5. Provide Value – In my opinion, this is critical and requires you to listen to your audience and be an active “good citizen” in the community.  Don’t make it a one-way broadcast by only tweeting out promotional messages and avoid flooding your audience with updates.
  6. Tweet Responsibly – This should be a no-brainer but don’t share confidential information or use your account to stage attacks on your competition – always be respectful.
  7. Be Present – Don’t be a wallflower.  Respond, ReTweet and Interact.  Be sure to regularly acknowledge, highlight and thank those contributing members who continually add value to your community.

Join The Conversation

  • Jul 1 Posted 4 years ago Ganna

    I have one more tip to add regarding communications on Twitter. I use third party tool called RoundTeam to stay engaged with my followers and other Twitter users. More about this approach here: http://roundteam.co/blog/build-communities/. On my own experience, I can say that RoundTeam helps me to be a participating community member and stay in touch with other people. 

  • Aug 12 Posted 6 years ago James Neil (not verified)

    Your basic principals are well founded AND it would be good to hear your take on how to use the various Twitter marketing tools avail to build a follwoing and engage in a more autoamted fashion.

    I spend a fair amount of time finding and engaging social media marketing people to solicit and share ideas on some of the new social networking sites that a growing rapidly.

  • Aug 9 Posted 6 years ago MikeFeravolo

    Good points, the only thing that I personally don't agree with is that Twitter is actually a community and not just a spam feed.  As a software application Twitter provides numerous features that can be used for business. It's unfortunate that  the problem is that 99% of the people that actively use Twitter use it to spam. Glad to here from someone that must be in that other 1%.

  • Aug 6 Posted 6 years ago Ed Han (not verified)

    All of this is excellent, but am particularly a big fan of #5: if it isn't adding value, I don't post it.

  • Aug 6 Posted 6 years ago ccshopping203

    The choice of a new generation






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