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7 Twitter Tools To Get More Engagement

Despite the advance of a lot of other Social Networks entering the scene recently, particularly Google+, Heello or Subjot, Twitter's stickiness is still very prominent and growing fast.

Especially, the recent changes made to Twitter point to a very bright future. The activity stream in addition with the @username tab make the Twitter experience much more interactive I believe.

Twitter's eco-system continues to thrive and Twitter announced recently that there are over 1 million Apps connected to the Twitter API. Most of these Apps greatly enhance our Twitter experience and here are my top 7 Tools to get more out of Twitter.


1.) Buffer – Get 200% more clicks on Tweets 

It often happens that I read great posts late at night or early in the morning. Tweeting them then often puts my efforts to waste and no one sees my updates. By adding everything I find to Buffer, the App posts them at optimal times well spaced out over the day. Through optimal timing and higher frequency Buffer gives you over 200% more clicks, retweets and reach than non-buffered Tweets.

Top Tip: What I like best is that you can Buffer tweets right from the article you are reading with browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. 



2.) InboxQ – Speak to the right people on Twitter

A tool I only discovered recently is called InboxQ. Trying to connect and get hold of the people that matter for your particular niche is key if you want to work efficiently on Twitter I found. Although directories already do a good job, InboxQ takes this to a new level. You can set up terms included by anyone asking questions on Twitter. Then jump in and answer them from within InboxQ.

Top Tip: Via the Chrome extension you can dip in to answer questions whenever and wherever you are. It is a great way to build new connections with relevant people.





3.) Twylah – Customized brand pages

Another App that has greatly transformed how I use Twitter is called Twylah. The App takes your Twitter content and turns it into a beautiful page for your followers to browse through. It is neatly ordered by topics most relevant to your Tweets and allows you to capitalize much more on the content you put out via Twitter. On top of all this you can add a little ad on the bottom right to guide people through to your product or service.


Top Tip: There is a great feature coming with Twylah called “Power Tweet”. This will create a special site on your Twylah allowing you to keep visitors engaged up to 4 times longer with your content.




4.) TweetBeep – Who is talking about you?

Although it might appear rather basic at first Twilert can change the way you are able to respond and give customer support via Twitter. You can set up search terms related to your brand or niche and every day the App will send you a set of alerts relating to it. It helped me greatly to find out who is talking about me and help people out with questions and support. I like to see this as a Google Alerts for Twitter.

Top Tip: I particularly like the sentiment analysis you can put in place so the quality of your alerts increases significantly.





5.) Rapportive – Learn about Tweets right in your email

A productivity tool that has helped me greatly to get more out of Twitter is Rapportive. If you install the Chrome extension, you are able to see a new column next to each email giving you detailed information about the persons activity on Social Networks. You can immediately get a peak of past Tweets and get a better feel of how to phrase your emails.

Top Tip: You can even go ahead and reply to Tweets right form inside Gmail to make your communication process more seamless.





6.) Commun.it – Who is in your Twitter network?

Another Tool that makes Tweeting way more worthwhile for me is Commun.it. The app analyses the people you follow and buckets them according to influencers, top members and many more interesting details. You can then go ahead and strategically interact with those that add most value to your Twitter network.

Top Tip: What I like best is that you are able to filter through people mentioning your brand. You can follow and interacti with them right from inside the App. 




7.) Formulists – List building made simple

The last App I want you to introduce to is called Formulists. As one of my top Twitter Mentors @MQTodd uses to say: "Being on Twitter without creating lists, is like building your Twitter presence in sand." Making an effort to focus on list building is key. With Formulists you can automatically set up lists whenever someone retweets, follows or @mentions you.

Top Tip: The App makes it very easy for you to have your lists available no matter where you are. Set up list columns in TweetDeck or HootSuite and the corresponding lists will automatically appear.


These are my top 7 tools to make the most of Twitter and using them regularly saves me time and effort. Most importantly it increases my impact tremendously and I can focus on genuine engagement with new people. 

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  • Oct 23 Posted 5 years ago Nate @ House of... (not verified)

    Besides Buffer and Twylah, couldn't Hootsuite do what the rest of these tools do?

  • Leo Widrich's picture
    Sep 18 Posted 5 years ago Leo Widrich



    Thanks a lot for stopping by here.


    Sure, so with Buffer it is not possible to send the same item out twice. What I like to do is go through the post that received the most clicks after a day and add it back into my Buffer. 

    For repeating the same Tweet, you might want to check out SocialOomph or Twaitter, which allow for this function! :)



  • Sep 13 Posted 5 years ago Peter Poletti (not verified)

    Hi Leo,


    Great synopsis here!

    I am wondering if I can use Buffer to send out the same tweets more than once each day.

    The idea is that someone who didn't see it say, at 9am, might catch it the 2nd time around at 2pm or at 7pm.

    Do you think Buffer can be made to work that way, or is there a better app?

    Many thanks in advance!


  • Sep 2 Posted 5 years ago Gretchen Vaughn (not verified)

    Thanks, Leo. I can already think of some creative uses of using Communi.it to make Twitter lists. It's always a challenge to figure out how to organize people. I just started using inBoxQ and didn't realize I actively seek out people to answer their questions. It would be a good place to come up with ideas for blog posts as well. I started Twittarr Pirate one day simply because there weren't any simple, visual guides to how to turn off email notifications in Twitter and my Tweeps were going crazy trying to figure out. I love Twylah. New tip I got this week was to use it as a reader. Better than paper.li IMHO because in Twylah, it's not an automatic search but what someone thought was important enough to tweet themselves.

  • Aug 29 Posted 5 years ago Susan Lyman

    I just started a new business www.tailsuntold.com and I am trying to introduce it to all pet loving people.  I am on Twitter and FB and I have a FB page, but your tips are very helpful to continue to promote and stay organized.   Thank you.

  • Aug 26 Posted 5 years ago Giles Farrow (not verified)

    Hi Leo

    great tips

    Do you recommend Twilert or TweetBeep. They seem very similar and you seem to have both under 4)

  • Melody's picture
    Aug 22 Posted 5 years ago Melody

    I'm going to have fun with some of these tools.  Thanks for sharing them and for keeping your finger on Twitter's pulse.   

  • Aug 22 Posted 5 years ago David Morley (not verified)

    Nice list! Surprised how many sites are not mobile ready considering how much of twitter is based on mobile users. Just my view as I check these sites out via mobile on the bus to work. Been working on http://thx4f.com in my free time, just one more tool for your collection.

  • Aug 18 Posted 5 years ago Paul Shapiro (not verified)

    I do want to point out that Leo Widrich works for Buffer. It's a great app that I personally use, but someone should have mentioned it.

  • Aug 18 Posted 5 years ago Ryan Biddulph (not verified)

    Hi Leo,

    Awesome list of tools here.

    I'm also a Buffer guy. Great tool for leaving a slow, steady stream of content on your website.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Aug 17 Posted 5 years ago W.C. Camp (not verified)

    Very helpful tools. Thanks for reviewing and posting. I was not aware 'lists' were so key in

    the development of influence.  W.C.C.

  • Aug 17 Posted 5 years ago Brittany Morse ... (not verified)

    Great list, Leo! I'm a huge fan and user of Rapportive. Nice to be able to get a glimpse of contacts' social presence. 

  • Leo Widrich's picture
    Aug 17 Posted 5 years ago Leo Widrich

    Hi there,


    So true, there is always way more to explore than we have time for. :)


    Sure, that is a great question, here are a few pointers that are based on research findings:

    The reason people get more clicks through Buffering is because of two things. Firstly Buffer spreads out your Tweets under Twitter peak times. This is based on some well-respected research by Dan Zarrella (http://blog.kissmetrics.com/science-of-social-timing-1/). Tweeting during these times increases click rates considerably. The second part is that Buffer makes it very easy to Tweet more frequently. If you Tweet more frequently, well spaced out and at peak times you are very likely to increase your click rate by up to 200% compared to the average, randomly posted Tweet. Does that make sense?

  • Leo Widrich's picture
    Aug 17 Posted 5 years ago Leo Widrich

    Hi Lynn, fantastic to see you here! Awesome, so glad you like all the tools here and Buffer too! Always a huge encouragement for me that the info I provide is useful.

  • Leo Widrich's picture
    Aug 17 Posted 5 years ago Leo Widrich

    Hi Kyle,


    Absolutely, at the amount of over 1 million apps being registered finding some is really painful, glad the list was useful! :)

  • Leo Widrich's picture
    Aug 17 Posted 5 years ago Leo Widrich

    Hi there,


    Yes, that is a good point. Chrome actually puts this as a standard notice for a lot of extension. The reason being that Buffer automatically takes the shortened link of the page and the title of the page and turns it into a Tweet for you. In order to do this, it obviously needs to grab the sourcecode from the page, which is why Chrome comes up with this message.


    Hope this explains things as there is certainly no way the App can access any private data from you. 

  • Aug 17 Posted 5 years ago twitterati (not verified)

    Chrome says Buffer can see everything you do on all websites. That kind of info would be good to put in your article.

  • kylemj6977's picture
    Aug 16 Posted 5 years ago kylemj6977

    What I find most interesting for all of this is that there are so many tools out there that many, quite simply, do not realize is out there.  Thank you for the list.  Great info!

  • Aug 16 Posted 5 years ago Lynn Brown (not verified) Never knew there were so many tools for Twitter.  I thought I had them all!  Thanks for sharing these Leo.  And of course I enjoy and still enjoy using Buffer app!
  • Aug 16 Posted 5 years ago Juice Marketing (not verified)

    So many tools, so little time.  Regarding your first tool (Buffer) ... we've been using something similar at http://timely.is.  Not sure how Buffer works, but I have a hard time believing that that an automated Tweet scheduler improves engagement by 200%.  Based on experience with Timely, it doesn't seem to do much more than divide the scheduled tweets in your queue by the maximum number of "Tweets Per Day" that you've specificied in your profile/settings.  I can do that math in my head without a fancy algorithm. So the question remains, how exactly do they claim to get 200% more clicks?

  • Aug 16 Posted 5 years ago Sharel Omer (not verified)

    Amazing list :) thank you Leo for sharing.

    We will approve additional beta requests in the following days :)

    If you are in need of quick invite :) please share with us, and we will send asap.


    Sharel from Commun.it

  • Aug 16 Posted 5 years ago Patrick Dodd (not verified)

    Absolutely rock solid post.  Twitter is absolutely unmanageable without third party tools/apps. Do you know how Commun.it  is able to identify 'inluencers'?  Are they tapping into Klout?

    Thanks again for the tips.


  • Aug 16 Posted 5 years ago Cape Town Active (not verified)

    Great post, will try some of the tipps, but still like Tweetader and Tweepi.

  • Aug 16 Posted 5 years ago Mobile News (not verified)

    A really nice list here thank you very much....the first one looks really useful for time zone segmentation and communication.

  • Aug 16 Posted 5 years ago Tai Goodwin (not verified)

    Great list - you've introduced me to a few tool I hadn't heard of. One of my favorites though not on the list is Paper.li It's like Twyla and lets you autopromote your custom paper via Twitter.

  • Aug 16 Posted 5 years ago Sharel Omer (not verified)

    Hi Shiv,

    Thank you for correcting the Commun.it URL :) we very appricate it :)



  • Aug 16 Posted 5 years ago Sharel Omer (not verified)

    HI SHIV,

    Thank you very much for correcting the Commun.it link :) we super appricate it :) 


    Sharel from Commun.it 

  • Leo Widrich's picture
    Aug 16 Posted 5 years ago Leo Widrich

    Hi there, sorry for the typo and thanks so much for the heads up!! Greatly appreciate it. :)


    Glad you like the list of tools!

  • Leo Widrich's picture
    Aug 16 Posted 5 years ago Leo Widrich



    Awesome, glad you liked the tools. Sure thing, give them a go and see how you like them! If you have any questions about it, just let me know. :)

  • dblais's picture
    Aug 16 Posted 5 years ago dblais

    This is a wonderful list!

    I strongly recommend starting integrating those tools in your social media action plan.  For example, for those who follow "Digital Relay's intermediate program", Tuesday is focused on networking and meeting new people.  Its our networking day we call it.  Make use of inboxQ for 10 minutes, every Tuesday to answer questions on twitter relevant to a) your industry and b) your location.

    Go down the list and see how you can fit these tools within your social media schedule.

    Let me know how its working for you at #leoslist

  • Aug 16 Posted 5 years ago Joanna Brenner (not verified)

    What are these "activity steam" and "@username tab" options to which you are referring?

  • Aug 16 Posted 5 years ago Louisville Soci... (not verified)

    Great article. I will be checking these apps out one by one to see how they can integrate inro my business. Thanks!

  • Aug 16 Posted 5 years ago SHIV (not verified)

    A very good list of Twitter tools...
    But the link for Commun.it should be "http://commun.it/" but you linked it with "http://commun.iat/"
    So please make it Correct... 

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