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7 Ways to Gain Leads Through Social Media Networking

There aren’t too many businesses out there these days that complain about too many customers. There’s always room for more leads. So where are you getting yours?

A recent survey reported by Brafton revealed that nearly 75% of marketers who have been utilizing social media have been able to find more leads and close more deals through their social networks. In addition, another study reported by found the time spent on social media marketing has increased drastically and the percentage of business partnerships formed through social media has increased by about 50% as well.

These statistics shouldn’t be too surprising. The only way to make a business grow is to make it known to people who may not be aware of it yet. These days, everybody is using social media. Where else would you go to find more sales leads?

Here are 7 great methods to increase your business lead generation through social media:

  1. Have a presence – Simply put, if your business does not have a presence on major social media channels, you are losing an opportunity to connect with your audience.
  2. Monitor – By monitoring your brand, products and primary business keywords, you will be able to find and filter through thousands of online users and have the opportunity to reach out and engage with them.
  3. Listen – Many companies are so corporate driven that they don’t stop to take the time and actually listen to their customers. You will be surprised on what they have to say, their questions, suggestions and feedback that can help build a better brand and product line.
  4. Engage with users – If you were to break down the term social media, ‘social’ is the aspect of interacting with a specific audience, while ‘media’ is providing consumers with information such as forms of content, promotions and new business information.
  5. Provide value – Rather than hitting the customer over the head to notice your business/products, provide them with information that will benefit them and get them interested in wanting to know more.
  6. Run promotions – Some companies do not have the ability to do this. Or they may not be in the right industry to run promotions but it can be a very strong way to gain leads. Users are prompted to submit contact information and more (similar to a shopping cart). This is a great way to find out who your target audience really is. The results may surprise you.
  7. Post frequent updates – Staying active, weekly at the very least – will help your business stay ahead of others who are not actively promoting through social channels. It is always best to perform regular updates, preferably with a clear ‘call to action’ within the update to help the engagement level of your consumers and other targeted online users.

Social media is a fast and dependable way to collect a vast array of demographic information about your customers and the visitors to your site. User interests, location, age, ethnicity and much more can be ascertained by studying the social media profiles of visitors to your site. Earlier this year also published a short article highlighting Matt Cutts direction that social media marketing should be a top SEO priority. You can view a YouTube response by Cutts on article marketing where about a minute 15 seconds into the video, he mentions that websites should place more emphasis on social media marketing when planning SEO strategies.

Try it yourself. Go to your most active social media site. Look at the pictures of the people who “Like” or “Friend” your business. What are their most common similarities? Are you marketing yourself to attract as much of this demographic as possible?

To put it simply, if you want leads, go where the leads are – online and waiting to find you.


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  • Nov 17 Posted 5 years ago Bruce (not verified)

    I'm a strong believer that if a growing company wants to continue to grow, they should hire a company not only to do SEO for them, but also to do digital marketing for them.  There are some things that people shouldn't do themselves.

  • TheSEOAgency's picture
    Jun 15 Posted 5 years ago TheSEOAgency


    Thanks for being picky, I was hoping to get a good conversation going. To clarify, I was speaking of growing a business, not growing sales. Yes, they go hand in hand however current customers and consumers are already aware of your business. This articles direction was ‘7 ways to GAIN leads’ which is how I wrote it.

    Now, finding and targeting your site demographic is a whole other subject, here is another post about young adults not interacting with companies through social media.

    You do make a good valid point to leverage existing customers, of course you may be able to upsell them on new and trending products.

    Your post was good however there are only 2 steps, actually 1 since you numbered one of them 0. I would like to see it expanded and broken down a bit more with numerous steps.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Tony B.

  • Jun 14 Posted 5 years ago Ayoub (not verified)

    Hi Tony,

    Great article ! 

    For me most of the businesses don't use efficiently this new way of getting more sales of their products.
    However, i have a point to think of wich is : how can all the different social media channels be used in an optimised way with less effort and in the same time how can we measure the impact of a given message spread over these networks.



  • sanjayshetty's picture
    Jun 14 Posted 5 years ago sanjayshetty

    Hi Tony,

    Nice article, thanks for the same.

    One statement out here (and I know I'm being picky) somehow seems a bit off.. you say "The only way to make a business grow is to make it known to people who may not be aware of it yet."

    I think marketing to existing customers is probably the least expensive way to grow your business. In fact if you look at sales, you can increase it in 3 different ways( Either by increasing the frequency of purchase(from existing customers), reaching out to new customers and lastly increasing the yield(transaction size). Do have a look at the link I shared and let me know what you think.

    I do agree that social media makes it easier to reach out to potential new customers and your point 5. hit home :-) Most often marketing and PR folks look at social media as just a channel thru which they can push their marketing messages, and not as an avenue to provide more value...


    Sanjay Shetty

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