76% of People Think Advertising Is Exaggerated [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on February 3rd 2013

76% of People Think Advertising Is Exaggerated [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Super Bowl XLVII is very nearly hear, and while all the football fanatics are eagerly anticipating the big game this Sunday (believe me, I'm married to a '9ers fan), the marketing-minded are looking forward to it, too. And not necessarily because of the rivalry, the guac, or the frosty beverages. I personally couldn't care less about the football, but you can bet your beer I'll be tuning in ... for the commercial breaks.

And of course I'm a huge proponent of primarily using inbound marketing over outbound tactics like TV advertising, but it's hard not to be curious about what some marketers are forking over $3.8 million for this year. Am I right? But just how much do people really believe ads anymore? Just in time for the yearly "Is it worth it?" Super Bowl ad debate, Lab42 has come out with a new infographic based on a survey it conducted about people's perceptions of advertisements. And with 76% of people thinking advertising is exaggerated, that's not saying too much for its credibility. Check out the rest of the data in the infographic for a closer look at how people perceive ads these days.

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