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8 Examples of Content Marketing in Traditional Industries


8 Examples of Content Marketing in Traditional IndustriesContent Marketing is not just for marketing firms or tech companies. More “traditional” companies can take advantage of great content that engages, entertains or informs potential customers and drives some percentage into the company’s sales funnel.

To coincide with my hosting of Content Chat, I’m providing a few examples of content marketing in traditional industries. Please add other examples in the comments!

Examples of content marketing in traditional industries:

Adams County Winery

Funny Videos, Social Media and Instagram to grow audience, mailing list and wine club membership.

River Pools and Spas

Using a blog, educational content and great SEO to attract and inform new visitors.

Central Coast Waterproofing

Educational content, pictures and SEO to expand geographical reach and to do away with paid ads.

Murray Group Insurance

Successfully sing content (blog posts, video and more) to answer insurance questions, inform prospects and garner SEO value for key insurance keywords.

Indium Compay (Solder Paste)

Using blog content, videos and social media to sell solder paste. Yes, really.

Lowes (Home Improvement)

Lowes uses 6 second videos to provide useful tips and to show how to use different products.

Service Dog Academy (Dog Training)

Helpful video content allowed them to grow from a local Seattle company to a company selling dog training nationally.

 Taxi Mike – Banff (Taxi Driver)

Develop a local restaurant guide for your riders and then take it online!

Who’s doing Content Marketing right?

Add your favorite examples below in the comments!


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    Oct 23 Posted 1 year ago nikosl3

    Hi Tom,

    Great post, thanks. There are some really interesting case studies here. Do you know how much success any of them have had with their content marketing strategies?