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8 Excellent Twitter Analytics Tools to Extract Insights from Twitter Streams

microplazaTwitter is now the third most popular social network, behind Facebook and MySpace (Compete, 2009). A year ago, it has over a million users and 200,000 active monthly users sending over 3 million updates per day (TechCrunch, 2008). Those figures have almost certainly increased since then. With the torrential streams of Twitter updates (or tweets), there's an emerging demand to sieve signals from noises and harvest useful information.

Enter Twitter Analytics, Twitter Analysis, or simply just Analytwits (in the tradition of Twitter slang). These analytics tools are growing in numbers; even Twitter is developing them.

Besides Twitter Search, the following 8 Analytwits are some of the more useful web applications to analyze Twitter streams. Each of these tools serve specific purpose. They crawl and sift through Twitter streams; also, aggregate, rank and slice-and-dice data to deliver some insights on Twitter activities and trends. There's no single best analytic tool available but use in combination, they can extract interesting insights from Twitter streams.

8 Great Tools for Social (Twit)telligence

twitalyzerTWITALYZER provides activities analysis of any Twitter user, based on social media success yardsticks. Its metrics include (a) Influence score, which is basically your popularity score on Twitter (b) signal-to-noise ratio (c) one's propensity to ‘retweet' or pass along others' tweets (d) velocity - the rate one's updates on Twitter and (e) clout - based on how many times one is cited in tweets. Its Time-based Analysis of Twitter Usage produces graphical representation of progression on various measures. Using Twitalyzer is a easy; just enter your Twitter ID and that's it! It doesn't require any password to use its service. Speed of analysis is depending on the size of your Followed and Followers lists.

microplazaMICROPLAZA offers an interesting way to make sense of your Twitter streams. Called itself “your personal micro-news agency,” it aggregates and organizes links shared by those you follow on Twitter and display them as newstream. Status updates that contain similar web links are aggregated into 'tiles.' Within a tile, you can see updates from those you follow and also those you don't. Another interesting feature is ‘Being Someone', which you can peek into someone's world and see their 'tiles'; designed to facilitate information discovery. You can also organize those you follow into groups or ‘tribes'. You can create, for example, a knitting ‘tribe' to easily what URLs your knitting friends are tweeting. In addition, you can bookmark 'tiles' for future reference. Its yet-to-be-released feature, Mosaic, allows users to group together the bookmarked 'tiles' and turn them into social objects - for sharing and discussion. At the time of this posting, MicroPlaza is still in private beta.

twistTWIST offers trends of keywords or product name, based what Twitter users are tweeting about. You can see frequency of a keyword or product name being mentioned over a period a week or a month and display them on a graph. Select an area on the graph to zoom into trend for specific time range. Click on any point on the graph to see all tweets posted during a specific time. One can also see the latest tweets on the topic. Twist also allows you do a trend comparison of two (or more) keywords. Its graphs are embeddable on any website. A simple but effective tool for trending, similar to what Google Trends is doing for search queries.

TwitturlyTWITTURLY tracks popular URLs tracker on Twitter. With Digg-style interface, it displays 100 most popular URLs shared on Twitter over the last 24 hours. On Digg, people vote for a particular web content, whereas on Twitterurly, each time a user share a link, it is counted as 1 vote. This is a good tool to see what people are ‘talking' about in Twitterville and see total tweets that carry the links. Its URL stats provides information on number of tweets in last 24 hrs, last 1 week and last 1 month. It also calculates total estimated reach of the tweets. Another interesting site is Tweetmeme, which can filter popular URLs into blogs, images, videos and audios.

TweetStatsTWEETSTATS is useful to reveal tweeting behavior of any Twitter users. It consolidates and collates Twitter activity data and present them in colorful graphs. Its Tweet Timeline is probably the most interesting, as it shows month-by-month total tweets since your joined Twitter (TweetStats showed Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter, started tweeting since March 2006; 80 tweets during that month). Twitterholic can also show when a person joined Twitter but not in graphical format. Other metrics include (a) Aggregate Daily Tweets - total tweets, by day (c) Aggregate Hourly Tweets - total tweets, by hour (d) Tweet Density: hourly Twitter activities over 7 days period (e) Replies to: top 10 persons you've replied and (f) Interfaces Used: top 10 clients used to access Twitter. In addition, its Tweet Cloud allows you to see the popular words you used in your tweets.

TwitterFriendsTWITTERFRIENDS focuses on conversation and information aspects of Twitter users' behaviors. Two key metrics are Conversational Quotient (CQ) and Links Quotient (LQ). CQ measures how many tweets were replied whereas LQ measures how many tweets contained links. Its TwitGraph displays six metrics - Twitter rank, CQ, LQ, Retweet Quotient, Follow cost, Fans and @replies. Its interactive graph (using Google Visualization API) can displays relationships between two variables. In addition, you can search for conversations between two Twitter users. This app seems to slice-and-dice data in more ways compared to other applications listed here.

ThummitTHUMMIT QUICKRATE offers sentiments analysis, based on conversations on Twitter. This web application identifies latest buzzwords, actors, movies, brands, products, etc. (called ‘topics') and combines them with conversations from Twitter. It does sentiment analysis to determine whether each Twitter update is Thumms up (positive), neutral or Thumms down (negative). Click on any topic to display opinions on the topic found on Twitter. In addition, it allows people to vote on topics via its website or mobile phones. The idea behind this app is good but still has some kinks to work out.

TweetEffectTWEETEFFECT matches your tweets timeline with your gain/lose followers timeline to determine which tweet makes you lost or gain followers. It analyze the latest 200 tweets and highlights tweets that coincides with you losing or gaining two (or more) followers in less than 5 minutes. This application simplistically assumed that your tweet is the sole factor affecting your gain/lose followers pattern. But, in reality, there are many other factors involved. Nevertheless, TweetEffect is still a fun tool to use; just don't take the results too seriously.

Let's Continue the Discourse on Twitter

Which of the abovementioned Twitter analytics you like the most? How can these tools generate revenue? Have you discovered any other interesting Twitter analytics? Share your thoughts on Twitter; find me @limyh

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  • Jun 14 Posted 4 years ago techrahul

    I have been using Moz for Social Media analysis and it works wonders. you should also consider using it once.

    Rahul @ http://mcafeepromocode.com

  • Apr 24 Posted 4 years ago morisson

    I had no idea so much was available with Twitter extras.  I've been tweeting for a few weeks now and think it's one of the most interesting platforms.  Perhaps that it's so instant, either way, I'm looking forward to dissecting all of this good information.  Thank you

    Alex @ http://basketballtrainingpro.com


  • Apr 20 Posted 4 years ago mansitakyar

    Thanks for sharing these tools. These are amazing. There is one more tool from SEOMOZ - Followerwonk, I really like it. 


    Mansi Takyar

  • Jan 22 Posted 4 years ago PressReleaseMedia

    Any updates availaible on the Twitter apps you mention here. I am looking for a way to analyze twitter search behavior for my press release service to see what peope are searching for around the subject and business that we are active in.

    Does anyone know if such a service exists? The tools mentioned above do not offer this.

  • Oct 10 Posted 4 years ago ToddMedema

    I’d also check out macrotweet (http://macrotweet.com). It’s perfect for live analytics, like tracking the popularity of different topics as they came up during the presidential debate. It is designed to help you understand how different topics relate (ie Romney, Obama, and Big Bird) by letting you browse individual tweets that contain any combination of those topics.

  • Sep 7 Posted 4 years ago yan_smith

    Hey, great review of the tools. Really very helpful. For fast analytics you may use the web, As an example I use http://en.whotwi.com/user/hosting_space . Very fast you can receive a bunch of information.

  • jon.bonning@gmail.com's picture
    Apr 26 Posted 5 years ago jon.bonning@gma...

    These Twitter analytics are valuable tools for those who rely on Tweets to keep up-to-date with the latest trends;
    easy match-ups for recruiters and job-seekers; consumer-interest in product types; almost any subject that is worthy
    of a tweet. It’s probably better that there are numerous types of analytical reports, but it would be convenient if
    they could be interlaced somehow, instead of finding a feature on one tool that would work well with the current
    one a user is following and having to install a few in order to access all the ones that would have bits and pieces of

  • Feb 27 Posted 5 years ago jimeffect

    Those tools are definitely important for any business who relies heavily on social media marketing to increase their conversion of sales. Using Twitter effectively will surely have a positive effect on site traffic and sales revenue, so web design agencies had better learn how to incorporate Twitter into their designs when working for a profit seeking business.


  • Jan 14 Posted 5 years ago abhi


    A very informative article! So many great Twitter tools out there! TWIST is especially interesting with its interface for trend analysis. There is another site called Tweet Dynamics that aproaches trend analysis of tweets in a different way. It categorizes tweets into topics and keeps track of the trending topics. Would be worth checking it out at http://www.tweetdynamics.com 

  • Jan 4 Posted 5 years ago Briannic

    To track Political Twitter trends, check out PolitickerUSA.com, pretty nifty to sort out the latest trends from both Democrats and Republicans.

  • Nov 2 Posted 5 years ago Lcraigs (not verified)

    Does anyone know of any tool which can analyse or even just show the top trends of a year period?

    The only site i've found is Twopular which shows the top trending tops in real time, by the day, week, month and year however the site is only running until mid-November. 


  • Jun 17 Posted 6 years ago Anonymous (not verified) Hi, great articles! However, those analytics tools cant be effectively used for one way internal customers communication, whereby the twitter was specifically targeted to educate on our product campaign, hence there is no tool to track which internal customers actively visit our sitesince they can only read but cant reply or retweet our post. Hope they'll be other useful tool in future. Thanks. BuT GOOD JOB 2 U FOR THE REVIEW!
  • May 27 Posted 6 years ago SolvencyIIWire (not verified)

    Very helpful, thats so much. Can you recommend other tools for tracking social media trends an presence?


  • Apr 27 Posted 6 years ago dialashop (not verified)

    Very useful tools. I tried a few of them and they seem really interesting. It handy to have the metrics because it gives you an idea what people are into and if your tweets are successful in reaching lots of people.

  • Jan 4 Posted 6 years ago Web Design Company

    Great review, thank you! TweetStats is useful to reveal tweeting behavior of any Twitter users. Its Tweet Timeline is probably the most interesting, as it shows month-by-month total tweets since you joined Twitter.

  • Dec 10 Posted 6 years ago mrktlr (not verified) Thanks for commenting, Guy. It is a good tool to track local Twitter trends in realtime. Adding features like support for other languages would make the site more useful for users. Thanks, Lovely boy@642-902
  • Oct 14 Posted 6 years ago Paul Herwarth (not verified)

    Hey Yung-Hui,

    nice choice of tools. To add one more, www.twentyfeet.com does also offer nice twitter metrics. It's the first time that I read the word "Analytwits". Funny! ;-)



  • Sep 2 Posted 6 years ago Chris Henry (not verified)

    These are all great tools.  As Twitter has evolved into a means of sharing links and disseminating information, I felt that there was a need for a tool that would track how effective a user is at sharing links.  So I built http://140ctr.com.  140Ctr is a tool for determining your CTR on Twitter.  Hopefully, as I improve it, it will provide helpful information to those trying to share links.

  • Aug 14 Posted 6 years ago Tony the SEO Guy (not verified)

    Twitturly is great for finding new tweets on a given keyword - so you can be the first to announce news to your social circle.


  • Jul 3 Posted 7 years ago sonia (not verified) Twitter has become a important social networking site for everyone, small and large businesses, or any individuals. Through, Twitter we can update our status so that we are connected in network continuously. But sometimes due to lack of time it may not be possible to type twitter status continuosly, But through twitter tools like Spokentwitter we can update twitter status from anywhere and from any phone like you can listen to your twitter timeline reply, delete your personal messages and even Retweet a message from your phone itself. A good tool especially for people continuosly on the move like Journalists, news reporters, interviewers, TV or Radio Anchors.
  • Jun 25 Posted 7 years ago Lenny Neslin (not verified)

    TweetStats is definitely the best free one of the bunch.

  • May 23 Posted 7 years ago goldcoastwebdesign In my point of view Twitter is on second most popular social network, behind Facebook and MySpaceon third number . I am Memeber of myspace but hardly use it since I start using twitter

    Regards  gold coast web design


  • Nov 23 Posted 7 years ago KarlVanKarlos Interesting tools for Twitter, especially TWITALYZER. I imagine Facebook developer cannot do the same with Facebook, I heard their API is more restrective.


    Karl, PMI Index


  • Nov 7 Posted 7 years ago JohnathanDoring This article was extremely helpful, I just wish the Twitter products reviewed were more helpful :(

    Seriously, still looking for good Twitter analytics.

    I read this article on DMNews. I'm skeptical (you would be too after getting demos on half a dozen Twitter Analytics products). Considering I'm in charge of Social at my agency, at least I get paid to do it :)

    Anyway here is a link to yet another Twitter Analytics tool, I will post again once I get a demo (good/bad) and if anyone has already tried it, please post here.



  • Oct 28 Posted 7 years ago CDRates great tools, thanks!
  • Oct 28 Posted 7 years ago MichaelJameiosn Wow, these tools are awesome! Thanks for posting them!
  • Aug 12 Posted 7 years ago Portlandwindowclean I thought twitalyzer looked pretty cool, definitely quite a few great tools to make twitter even better!


    Thanks for the list.

    portland window cleaning

  • Mar 27 Posted 8 years ago EvelynSo One of the best Twitter Tools post I have read. Thank you so much for sharing!
  • Mar 21 Posted 8 years ago dhemley Yung-Hui,

    Thanks for sharing these great tools.  Who would have thought 140 characters could be so influential?

     Debbie Hemley


  • YunghuiLim's picture
    Mar 20 Posted 8 years ago YunghuiLim Thank you all for your feedback. So great to learn something new.
  • StanMag's picture
    Mar 20 Posted 8 years ago StanMag Did not know MicroPlaza: thanks for the tip. I would also recommend http://cli.gs/ which is quite useful to track click rates of shortened URLs.

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