8 Ideas for Promoting Your Online Community

Laura Johnson Social Media & Content Director, Follr

Posted on August 14th 2014

8 Ideas for Promoting Your Online Community

You’ve decided to create an online community, Congratulations! Now you need members, and fast. Here are ten ways to promote your online community that will encourage growth and ensure member retention.

1.         Send Invites

If you’ve decided to create a community, hopefully you already have an idea of who your members will be and have a target audience in mind. Send a thoughtful, well-constructed email to your list of prospective members with a link to join and brief overview of your community’s focus and features. Up and coming community platform, Follr’s power email capability makes this so easy.

2.         Add a Short Video

Create a short video in which you introduce yourself and the community and elaborate on why you started the community. Keep it short and sweet; it doesn’t need to be fancy. Simply seeing you – the face of your community – entices new members and gives a sense of transparency. Just be sure to have a simple background behind you - a.k.a. no screaming kids or barking dogs - and dress appropriately.

3.         Business Card & Email Signature

Add your community link to your business card and email signature. This is a great way to make all types of people aware of your community and a great conversation starter when you exchange business cards at networking events. For those of you who don’t already realize, business cards and resumes are slowly but surely becoming obsolete thanks to platforms like Follr and LinkedIn, so take advantage of email and add your link there too.

4.         Create a Hashtag

This seems simple but come up with one simple – shorter the better – hashtag for your community and use it religiously! Photos, updates, content, you name it - it should all be searchable by your community hashtag.

5.         Create a Newsletter

Weekly or bimonthly send out a short newsletter via email to your members. Let them know what’s going on in the community, highlight new members and give the community a heads up re: upcoming events or promotions.

6.        Join and Participate in Similar Communities

Visit blogs, groups and forums where your target audience is likely to be hanging around. Introduce yourself and join the conversation. Once you’re established in the community, casually invite members to take a look at a piece of content or a post on your community to entice them in.

7.        Leverage Existing Followers

Take advantage of any traction you have on other social media platforms and blast out your link there. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and don’t forget your Facebook and LinkedIn groups as well. P.S. Use that hashtag!

8.        Pimp Out Your Friends

Same as #7, but use your friends! Kindly ask a small circle of close friends and family who support your community endeavors to blast our your link to their followings as well. The more exposure, the better. 


Laura Johnson

Social Media & Content Director, Follr

Laura  - a Texas native & Southern California transplant - is a new breed of media mogul. With experience and interest in all sorts of industries – Tech, Finance, Fashion, Wine & Spirits, Journalism – It’s no surprise www.Follr.com swooped her up to head their social media and content strategy. Media and Journalism being in her blood (Dad owns Dallas-based media powerhouse Success Partners), she’s a fresh & well-rounded authority on all things currently taking over the universe. As for accolades, Laura started writing and editing for SUCCESS.com before she had her high school diploma. From there she organized and lead massive email and print campaigns for international social justice organization, Invisible Children’s some 500k donors and helped weather the media MEGA-storm that was #KONY2012.  With degrees in International Business & Economics, Laura then left the non-profit world to become the social media strategist for a SoCal based fashion retailer. In addition to freelance writing and blogging, she spends her free time taking in as many beautiful San Diego sunsets as possible and perfecting the G&T (extra lime please). 

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