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8 Instagram Marketing Tips


When it comes to social media, most business owners tend to have a fairly firm grasp on how to handle Facebook and Twitter, but Instagram still appears to challenge many small businesses. With Instagram gaining one new user every second it is no doubt that it can be advantageous for your business to be on this social networking platform. Here are  8 things you should do to effectively promote your brand on Instagram:

1. Complete your profile: This is the best place to leave a first impression – the place to showcase who you are and what you do. Make sure you fill in all the sections on your profile. Also, leave a link to your facebook page, twitter page or website. Your prospects want to check out your various profiles to find out more about your services/products . Don’t give them a dead end. It may lead to more followers on your other platforms too.

2. Find your customers: Search for people already talking about your business or your field. Find people in your city (#NewYork) or people that share your interest (#shoes). These are your potential customers. Find them, follow them and engage with them.

3. Be engaging: Tag others, talk to others, check in to other businesses, use your location. Adding layers to your posts gives people a better feel for who you are and spreads a little Instagram love!

4. Be consistent but not spammy: post frequently, but do not bombard your followers with thousands of pictures! Consistency keeps your followers engaged. Depending on the type of business you run, 2-3 posts a day is a good limit! If you have quality material, share it…just spread it out!

5. Show off your products: Everyone loves to browse products, so let your followers do some window-shopping! Show off a collection of the products you offer, share a photo of a new or lesser-known product or zoom in on a product and engage your Instagram followers by asking them to guess what it is.

6. Introduce your employees: Humanize your brand by using Instagram to introduce your fans to the people who make your company what it is. It’s a great way to show your brand personality.

7. Take them with you: Going to a trade-show or sponsoring an event? Use that as an opportunity to take your Instagram followers with you wherever you’re going.

8. Be unique: Be fun and show off your personality ! Document YOUR work, show off YOUR quirky moments, and tell YOUR filter-filled story.

Have any tips that have worked well for you? Why not share them?!

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  • Sep 19 Posted 3 years ago BusiGramApp

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  • Sep 16 Posted 3 years ago Lisa John1122

    very nice article about marketing on socialmedia. This article deserves to be shared with friends!

    a lot of people are using social networking sites like www.facebook.com, http://www.avastring.com , www.twitter.com for for entertainment and fun. but companies are also using these sites to improve their business.Big companies are using professionals to handle their company pages on social sites, but small business owners are doing this work on their own. Very less people have information about the social marketing. and this article tells everything about that.Like compeleting your profile, you about us page should be fully compeleted, you'll have to find th customers through different ways and you'll have to tlak to them and engage yourself with them, do not do extra posting (spamming),  by showing products on your pages etc... these all are good points to improve the traffic on your company pages.

  • AlexandraBurnett's picture
    Aug 22 Posted 3 years ago AlexandraBurnett

    Hey Cara,

    Thank you for your comment! you are right the pictures with the highest engagement rate are the ones taken of emplyees and customers! :) 

  • Cara Tarbaj's picture
    Aug 21 Posted 3 years ago Cara Tarbaj

    Great tips, Alexandra. You covered all of the main points I was thinking of.

    With engaging - definitely tagging is a good idea. The "photos of you" feature that came out earlier this year allows you to tag staff in photos or even tag other businesses (such as brands you have in your retail store), which expands your reach across Instagram.

    Also, check out what the top brands on Instagram are doing. The top 3 as of now are: Nike, MTV, and Starbucks (who all have around 1.5 million followers).

    When it comes to what types of photos get the most engagement, I've found that photos featuring customers, staff and contests are all great photo ideas. Take a picture of the staff out for drinks, during a staff BBQ, or just working on an interesting project. Take photos of customers or clients with your product or service.

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