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8 Tips for Marketing Your Business on Instagram

This popular smartphone app barely makes two years since its launch from October 2010, but it is definitely on a hot run with an impressive growth, reaching more than 100 million users worldwide.

SimplyMeasured study shows that more than half of the top 100 brands from Interbrand are now using Instagram.

Have you considered using Instagram for marketing?

Here are 8 tips to get started:

1. Communicate a lifestyle. 

Red Bull for instance is using visual storytelling to share attractive fun and action-theme photos but also uses user generated content from their fan and follower base. 




2. Be creative and outstanding.

Starbucks have not only managed to make a brand from a common commodity, but this is without doubt one of the best brands presence (892.000 followers) on Instagram. They are real inspiration, posting photos in different surroundings and occasions, staying true to its brand message and story.

3. Showcase products in original ways.

Try not using Instagram just for the sake that anyone thinks it is cool right now. Burrbery is 156 year old British brand and an excellent example of how fashion brands should use photography to appeal to their fans.

4. Add text to your image.

You can instill a little humor in your photos sometimes by embedding text on them. Try this “Phonto” app (for iTunes and Android).


5. Share behind the scene photos. 

Boston Celtics is probably one of the best sports teams using social media. They got great Twitter strategy and now they really start rocking this Instagram movement.

Celitics’ share photos with moments before the game, locker room scenes, picture with fans. They are using Instagram to engage with fans deeper and give all supporters a sense to the vibe of this team outside the basketball game.

6. Use hastags to increase reach.

If you want more people to find out about you and see your photos, you should definitely add relevant hashtags. and are great ways to discover what people love to share. And brands should definitely check out - one of the best interfaces to enjoy Instagram photos on the web. 

7.  Consider using professional apps to edit photos.

There are plenty of apps who can make your photos aweasome and here is a list for few of them you could try:

Run photo contests.

Promotions are always great way to increase brand awareness and/or visibility. A brand can run simple contest by using a hashtag or choose professional service like

However, we must make sure that official terms and conditions for the contest are make publicly available or the promotion may backfire. 


                                                    Donkin’ Donuts photo competition


What is your favorite brand on Instagram? Could you add another example of successful and creative use from brands on Instagram?

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  • ThibautDavoult's picture
    Nov 10 Posted 4 years ago ThibautDavoult

    Hi Aleksandar. It's excellent that you mentioned Nitrogram in there. It's true that Nitrogram can help with running contest because it's a platform that provides analytics around hashtags and users which is helpful to measure the impact of contests, campaigns, and the general engagement that a brand is getting on Instagram.

    It also provides a simple way to reuse Instagram photos on Websites, Blogs and on a Facebook tab which again can be useful for many purposes, among which contests are up there. Cheers.

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