8 Types of Social Fans: Do you Know who "Likes" Your Brand?

Andrew Smith Marketing Manager, QArea Company

Posted on March 28th 2013

8 Types of Social Fans: Do you Know who "Likes" Your Brand?

People who “like” a brand page are often called fans or subscribers. But what are reasons for their subscriptions? And what main types of such people can be identified? This is what will be discussed below.

Types of Social Fans

Contest Participants

Online contests and drawings are common ways to get "likes" to a page quickly, and, most of all, many of these people will remain your “fans.”

Many companies increase their subscriber base in such way very successfully. But the disadvantage is that most of the proposals are not targeted to your desired audience. As a result, most of your fan base can never be interested in your products or services. Well, really, who would not want to win a trip to Hawaii?

If your goal is to attract your target audience, not chance freeloaders try to narrow your proposition. For example, if you are interested in IT-specialists do not raffle IPad in the lottery but offer the opportunity to undergo online training with appropriate certification.

One-time Subscribers

One-time subscribers are people who visited your page for a reason and “liked” it once. But in fact they are not interested in your company permanently. For example this type of subscribers includes people who are subscribed to the page with the resorts on the eve of the upcoming holidays, but most likely they won’t return to your page again.

Random Subscribers

Among any fans there is always a group of people who “liked” your page accidentally. Well, for example, as a result of inadvertent movement of the finger on a mobile device or just accidentally pressing a button on computer. This group of fans has rather limited value to you. Fortunately, there are not many random subscribers as a rule. So do not worry too much about how to attract them to interact with your brand.

Forgotten Friends

Just as in life you have old friends who are registered in the list of greetings for the holidays, in the mail or in the phone book, but in reality you haven’t got abreast of how they are doing for long. This group includes people who do not unsubscribe from you and at the same time they are deeply interested, whether you are present in his news feed or not. Although sometimes these people can become your close friends.

Inner Environment

This group consists of your employees, investors, and other persons concerned with your company. This team is good and inevitable, but at the end of the day it has little effect on new potential customers.

Those Who Wish to Position Themselves with the Brand

These are people who “liked” your brand not because they really like it or are interested in it, but in order to associate themselves with you. They want to be associated with you and hope to become a full part of your club one day. For example Ferrari has more than 10 million Likes on Facebook. Of course, not all the followers of this brand have that car or plan to buy it in the future.


This audience strikes fear into the heart of every SMM-specialist. We all have friends who express negative for any occasion. They can tell you about each unsuccessful trip to the restaurant, poor service at the bank etc. They're not afraid to share it.

Unfortunately, in our society people are more willing to criticize and complain than praise. Therefore the brand must accept this fact and be prepared for the negativity on their pages.

Good Friends

This last group includes people who are really your fans. As in life, these people are interested in what you do and offer. They like to be with you, say nice things about you. They are less affected by negative comments about you and happy to defend you.

What should brand do with this information? Understand that the base of those who “likes” your page varies. Brand must differentiate their fans and talk with each group accordingly.


Andrew Smith

Marketing Manager, QArea Company

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