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The ABCs of Social Media

social media basics

Photo: Peter Galbraith, stock.xchng

Here’s my take on the ABCs of social media.

A – Automation. Tools for automation are great, but don’t use them to the point where you’re no longer present on your social media accounts. I use Buffer.
B – Beware of trolls, scams and such.
C – Consistency. Focus your content and be consistent.
D – Determine your goals. It helps you to focus on what you set out to do.
E – Evaluate. Use tools to analyse your efforts, adjust if needed to reach your goals. Among others Google Analytics, Followerwonk, TrustCloud and Klout can be helpful.
F – Fill out your profiles. Tell people who you are and what to expect from you.
G – Generosity. Be generous with thanks and credits.
H – Humour. Goes a long way.
I – Integrity. Be personal but not private.
J – Joy. Don’t forget to have fun when you’re on social media.
K – Know your strategy, your goals and your target audience.
L – Less is more. A short text, video or one photo can be very powerful.
M – Manual posting. Takes some time, but worth the effort, combine it with automation.
N – Nerve. Have the nerve to stick out (in a positive way). But if you want to get reactions, there will be negative ones as well.
O – Observe. Two meanings. That you observe the code of conduct and culture online, and observe trends, developments and what influencers in your field are up to.
P – Personality matters. There’s a lot of information out there, add your personal twist.
Q – Quality is more important than quantity. 1 follower who shares your content is better than 10 that don’t.
R – Relations, whether its friendship, professional or romantic. Social media is about relations between people.
S – Sharing is caring. Don’t forget to share what others post.
T – Transparency = Trustworthiness. Don’t use Twitter privacy or close down your Facebook too much.
U – User orientated. It’s not about you, but the user.
V – Virtual is still for real, although it’s in the digital flesh. I never use the term “IRL”, since I interact with real people both online and offline.
W – Work, you have to invest time and work on your social media skills and presence
X – Xerox, as in copy. Borrow good ideas, ask for permission first and credit generously.
Y – You are what you tweet/share. Make sure it gives a true representation of you.
Z – Zzz. Get your sleep, take time offline.

Did I miss anything?

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