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Another Google Penguin Update for SEO Helps Social Media

Penguin Update

At least these SEO updates have cute names like Panda and Penguin. The latest Penguin update has been released and it reportedly effects 0.3% of all English websites. For you social media managers you should be thanking Google for Penguin as the Penguin Update helps social media by increasing the quality of content out there. It means your hard work isn’t going unrewarded.

Now 0.3% doesn’t sound like a lot of websites because it totally isn’t a lot of websites. Odds are your website was not a direct hit from the penguin update, but you should still care. The Penguin update helps social media and is committed to increasing the quality of websites on the internet.

Most social media managers don’t believe me when I say there are websites out there flooded with links and spam people land on everyday. I guess they would like to just live in the Matrix or assume they’re too smart to ever land on one of these websites. How foolish. Google has been monitoring the space for years and a simple google search (oh the irony) will showcase how people have manipulated and twisted SEO practices in the past for their personal gain. Did I say personal? I meant profitable. Highly profitable. Like millions and millions of dollars.

There isn’t a fool-proof solution to fixing this and the penguin update focuses on content, but what about the other factors? Consistency? Links? All that jazz? Enter Google Panda who protects us from all the crap that can’t escape the power of the Google algorithm. We’ll get to that later.

It’s important for those in social media to know SEO and enforce social SEO, but we’ve been over that. If you’re there than you know why the penguin update is great, but just in case; The SEO Penguin update ensures the best content is on the web. Keep your social media presence strong and keep your content plan tight. Google has your back as long as you give the web something fantastic.

They might be going after websites pretty slowly, but Google is not to be trifled with.

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