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Are You Sharing Too Much Online? [Infographic]

Sharing is what social media is all about. Sharing news, pictures, or video with your friends and family online can be wonderful. But are you sharing too much online?

As social media has increased in popularity, our willingness to share more personal information has increased too. A recent study commissioned by Intel found that 90% of adults think people share too much information online. (check out the infographic below)

What’s the problem? Well part for being annoying, what some people might think is harmless might not be. Telling people when you are going on holiday will be very interesting to potential burglars. Sensitive details about relationships and wild stories (or photos) of drinking and partying can leave the door open for blackmail or extortion. Other personal information such as a full date of birth or health condition can make easier targets for predatory scams.

Of course all of these problems could be avoided by checking your privacy settings and taking care with what you share.


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