Are You Using LinkedIn Marketing Tools?

Brad Friedman President, The Friedman Group, LLC

Posted on March 6th 2012

Are You Using LinkedIn Marketing Tools?

Like nearly every other social network, LinkedIn offers users the ability to market their products or services. It provides a variety of tools and some of them are free. It may be worth it though to budget for one or more of LinkedIn's marketing solutions. The LinkedIn marketing team is also available to help you take advantage of your ability to really target your audience with your marketing message. Try one or all of these available tools.

LinkedIn Ads

You may create your own LinkedIn ad and target your audience based on location, job title, industry, the company size, age, gender, company name and other criteria enabling you to really zero in on your target audience. Once created, your ad will appear on another member's home or profile page. Your ad may contain text and/or and image and may link to your website or another url of your choosing.

Like Google, Facebook and other social networks LinkedIn ads cost you based upon the number of members that click on your ad (CPC) or you may be charged per the number of impressions in 1,000 impression increments (CPM).

If you prefer to have LinkedIn assist you with your ad, take advantage of their Display Ads and purchase one through the LinkedIn sales group. We know how valuable the white-space to the right of everyone's profile page can be. Take advantage of this space with an ad showcasing your product and service with an image, video, or a feed to your website, blog, or another social network. You may want to use your ad to increase "Likes" on your Facebook page, for example. You can even display your ad on your company page or your employees' profile pages.

Take Advantage Of Your Company Page's Features

Use the Overview Tab to your full advantage. Let other LinkedIn members inside your company with the overview you provide here. Showcase your product or service on the Services Tab, and be sure to include recommendations you have received. If your company is hiring, take advantage of the Careers Tab to let members know about the positions you seek to fill. And, be sure to check your Analytics regularly to track the industries member visits are coming from, the number of members following your company, clicks on your Services tab and more.

With 150 million members and growing daily, LinkedIn is a social network where your marketing dollars can be put to good use. Let us know if you've done some marketing on LinkedIn and the results you've seen.

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Brad Friedman

President, The Friedman Group, LLC

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